Student Payroll Information

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Student Employment

Because of  labor laws and eligibility requirements for student employment, please do not have students do any work before they are completely set up on payroll. Eligibility requirements depend on credit hour enrollment. The student employee may be subject to criminal background and/or credit checks depending on the type of work they will be doing.

The College of Design procedure for hiring non-GTF student employees is to:

  1. Create a job description in the Student Job System on the Career Center website and recruit. Please read the Student Employment Policy and Procedures.
  2. Complete both sides of the Student Employment Sign-Off Form with the student you want to hire. After both the student and the supervisor complete this form, it is forwarded to the department or grant controller responsible for authorizing the source of funds being used. Once approvals are obtained, the form is sent to Central Business Services Office with a job description.
  3. The student will be contacted by Central Business Services Office staff via their UO e-mail address to complete any further payroll paperwork required. Please remind students to check their UO e-mail address for any payroll contact.
  4. Once the payroll paperwork has been completed, the student will be given their timesheet and timesheet instructions and told to report to their supervisor for work. Please DO NOT have students begin work before they are authorized by Facilities Support Services or the Central Business Services Office to begin work.
  5. Supervisor should receive the timesheet from the student, authorize the timesheet, and submit it to the Payroll Clerk in Central Business Services on the 11th of every month (or the next working day).

Student Payroll/Hiring Forms

To save PDF forms to your computer, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat. Otherwise, you will only be able to print the form but not save the form once you’ve completed it. If you need Adobe Acrobat, please contact College of Design Technology ServicesMacintosh Users: Please use the Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser when using the forms.  Not all form functions work with Safari.