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Rules & Reservation Requests

Rules for Hearth Exhibitions (Lawrence 266 walls)

PRIORITY USES: Display of sponsored classroom work on walls by students and faculty in the College of Design

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  1. All reservations must adhere to FSS scheduling procedures and must comply with University of Oregon policies and safety codes.
  2. All exhibits must have an endorsement by a sponsoring faculty member. Photos or a detailed description of work to be displayed shall be provided with application.
  3. The display walls can NOT be altered in any way, temporarily or permanently.
  4. It is the users’ responsibility to ensure the walls are left in good, undamaged condition, with trash and other materials removed following the installation. Any problems must be brought to the attention of the College of Design Facilities Manager by contacting FSS@uoregon.edu. Repair or replacement costs due to damage while being used is the responsibility of the user, and the cost of repair or replacement will be billed to the applicant on the request form.
  5. Exhibits may run for up to one week. Generally exhibits will be installed on Sunday and removed on Saturday.
  6. Exhibits cannot be installed during Hearth coffee shop business hours.
  7. During regular academic sessions, exhibition-related events can not be scheduled before 5:30PM Monday – Friday due to the Hearth Cafe’s operating hours. Intercession, and weekend events are not restricted.
  8. Exhibition-related event arrangements must be made by the applicant including set-up and clean-up. No alcohol may be served unless provided by University Catering. Please see the Catering website for more information and note the university policies about catering and waivers, which must be submitted 15 days in advance of the event.

By completing the Application, the Applicant agrees to the following:

  1. To implement the exhibition or exhibition-related event described in the rules above.
  2. To not alter the proposal without prior approval.
  3. To install and remove all materials related to the exhibition by the approved dates.
  4. To leave the space in the same or better condition than when it was found.
  5. To be financially liable for any costs associated with damage to the property.

The application process is not complete without the approval. Applications must be approved prior to the exhibition. A copy of the approved application must be on site during the installation process.

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Reservation Request Form

Willcox Hearth Reservation Request

Student Information

Required format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Applicant is required to provide an index and activity code. If any damage occurs related to this exhibit/installation, the Index/Activity code provided will be charged for cost of labor and supplies. By submitting this application, you are confirming that you have authority and approve all charges that may occur.

Exhibition Information

NOTE: Exhibits are limited to one week in duration and will be installed on Sunday and removed on Saturday.
NOTE: Exhibits are limited to one week in duration and will be installed on Sunday and removed on Saturday.
Provide a detailed exhibition description including, but not limited to the following: 1) information about the type of exhibition and its content, 2) the quantity and composition of works and/or any equipment in the exhibition, 3) installation techniques and fasteners to be used, 4) a schedule of relevant event times such as associated receptions, or talks and the estimated number of participants for each
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

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