Equity and Inclusion Committee

Equity and Inclusion Committee Roster (Appointed)

Name Department Term
Erin Moore, Chair School of Architecture & Environment 2020–2022
Gerardo Sandoval College of Design Equity and Justice Faculty Fellow 2019–2021
Siobhan Rockcastle Architecture 2018–2020
John Arroyo Planning, Public Policy, and Management 2018–2020
Hale Selek Product Design 2019–2021
James Harper History of Art and Architecture 2019–2021
Erin Moore School of Architecture & Environment Ongoing
Shaun Haskins School of Architecture & Environment Ongoing
Arturo Zavala Student Services Ongoing
Michelle Garibay Student Services Ongoing


Revises and implements the College of Design Diversity Action Plan; will distribute and collect data for college-wide climate survey; organizes faculty and staff workshops surrounding policies and procedures dealing with equity, inclusion, and diversity.