College of Design Committees

Academic Affairs Committee
The Academic Affairs committee is charged with providing college-level review and approval of all new and revised courses and academic programs within the college.

Equity and Inclusion Committee
The Equity and Inclusion committee is charged with reviewing and maintaining policies and practices affecting equity, inclusion, and diversity at the College level. The committee works closely with the Dean’s Office to make recommendations to appropriate Schools and departments in regards to policies and procedures.

Faculty Affairs Committee
The Faculty Affairs committee is charged with the responsibility of providing the Dean and other administration with faculty opinion and counsel on a wide range of College affairs. They are also integral in selecting the recipients of various College-level awards and scholarships.

Student Affairs Committee
The Student Affairs Committee is charged with advocacy for students; advising the Associate Dean on possible initiatives to help improve the student experience through strengthened linkages with the Dean’s Office; Equity and Inclusion as it relates to student experience; and selection of recipients for College of Design-level scholarships.

Faculty Personnel Committee
The Faculty Personnel Committee is charged with advising the Dean on all tenure and promotion cases.