Updating Faculty or Staff Profiles

All faculty and staff are responsible for editing their own profiles through the CAS Profile and DuckWeb systems. Only faculty and staff who have an active UO email address (@uoregon.edu) and a 95 number can have a profile in the system. You may make updates to your profile any time, as needed.

Changes to your full name, phone number, or office location, must be made via DuckWeb (not the CAS Profile system). Follow the DuckWeb instructions. These directory changes can take up to 8 days to sync up with our websites.

To make changes to your faculty or staff profile/bio, including your profile photo, log in to the UO’s CAS Profile system and make changes by following the faculty/staff profile instructions. These changes can take up to 24 hours to sync with our websites.

Important reminders:

  • Syncing: It takes 24 hours for any changes you make in the CAS Profile database and up to 8 days for changes made to the UO directory (DuckWeb) to show up on the College of Design sites. If the required time has passed and your changes have not synced, try clearing your browser’s cache and look again. If you still find that your changes have not taken effect, please email Kara Rowan for assistance.
  • Photos: The primary purpose of your profile image is for prospective and current students and faculty to see who they might work with. Current—especially new—students use the directory to help them find people. UO Communications photography staff now offer free professional head shot sessions several times per year. Please take advantage of this free service.