Slides for Digital Displays

College of Design departments and programs can post event information on digital displays (i.e. plasma screens) in Lawrence Hall and at the White Stag Building in Portland at no charge.

Event Screens in Lawrence Hall

We advertise events and courses on digital displays in the following locations in Lawrence Hall: two displays facing north and south outside of the LaVerne Krause Gallery on the first floor; a display outside of room 206 at the top of the main stairway; a display in the hallway outside of room 254. All four displays typically run the same slideshow.

If you would like to advertise on these screens in Lawrence Hall, please submit your slide according to the following guidelines:

  1. Eligibility: Events/courses advertised should be directly related to the College of Design.
  2. File Types Accepted: jpg, pdf, png, pptx (PowerPoint)
  3. Size Requirements: Slides must be 1920 x 1080 pixels (width x height) at 72 ppi.
  4. Template: You may use our PowerPoint template for slide creation if desired. Please follow the instructions provided with the template.
  5. Content Guidelines:
    • Slides only run for 12 seconds at a time in rotation, so keep text to a minimum.
    • Only include key information about your event such as event title, date, time, location, speaker/presenter, sponsoring department, very brief description (limit to a short sentence), a URL for additional information if available (use a URL shortener like Bitly if needed). (* Please see UO Calendar information below.)
    • Avoid including paragraphs as they are unlikely to be read due to the 12 second run time and the fact that many people view these slides as they are walking by.
    • Include a related image that communicates something about the event in order to help people connect with the event and feel compelled to attend.
    • Use large, clear fonts that strongly contrast with the background color. Avoid using vibrating color combinations that may make your slide difficult to read. There are a number of contrast and color checkers online that can help you assess whether your slide is legible and accessible.
    • The College of Design wordmark is built into the frame on each screen. You may use a department wordmark if desired, but it is not required.
    • Only one slide is typically allowed per event.
  6. Videos: It is possible to play mp4 videos under 12 seconds long without sound. Please contact us if you feel that a video would be a more effective communication tool than a static slide.
  7. Deadline: There is no specific deadline, however, you are encouraged to submit your slide between one and four weeks prior to your event.
  8. Submission: Submit your slide via email to Kara Rowan: Slides are typically posted within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.

*Make sure to enter your event into the UO Calendar as well so that it can be included in our website calendars and our weekly Upcoming Events email. Full event descriptions can be included on the UO Calendar, including detailed event schedules for more complex events and links to register/RSVP or purchase tickets.

Large Screen in the Lawrence Hall Lobby

The large digital display in the Lawrence Hall lobby is reserved for slides that are curated by the College of Design Office of Communications. Slides advertising individual events are placed on the smaller events screens (see the section above).

A slide entitled “This Week in the College of Design” provides a list of events for the week. Events are selected for this list based on the following:

  1. UO Calendar: All events listed must be entered into the UO Calendar by the deadline (see below). Events must be open to the public.
  2. Deadline: Events must be entered into the UO Calendar by the end of the day on the Wednesday prior to the week shown on the slide. (This will also ensure that your event is added to the weekly College of Design Upcoming Events email.) Events added to the UO Calendar after the deadline will not be added to the slide due to the manual processes involved in slide creation and posting. If your event is added after the deadline, please advertise your event on the event screens by submitting a slide as per the instructions in the “Event Screens in Lawrence Hall” section above. Your UO Calendar entry will also be displayed on our website calendars.
  3. Event Location: Only Eugene events are included.
  4. Exhibitions: Exhibition receptions will be included but exhibitions will not be listed.

Screens at the White Stag Block in Portland

Please follow the instructions listed in the “Event Screens in Lawrence Hall” section above with the exception that you must email your prepared slide to