Note: The information here is for historical purposes only. This page will be updated with information about using the Concur system for travel. Visit the UO Business Affairs Office website to learn about Concur.

The Central Business Services Office has procedures to process all UO business travel-related expenses. The university is responsible for ensuring that all employee travel payments, reimbursements, and advances, regardless of source of funds, are fair and equitable to both the university and the traveler and that they are made in accordance with all state and university applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies, and guidelines. Please feel free to contact the Fiscal Services Travel Specialist with any questions you may have.

Travel Procedures

Travel Checklists have been developed to assist travelers with reimbursement requirements for domestic travel and foreign travel in an effort to provide improved customer service to our travelers. The checklists include the basic requirements for backup documentation necessary for the reimbursement for domestic travel and foreign travel expenses.

IMPORTANT: A Travel Approval Form must be completed in advance of all business travel. Out-of-state travel requires prior approval by the department head. Use Travel Approval form for out-of-state itinerary, business purpose, and departmental approval.

UO Contracted Travel Agents: Make airfare and other transportation reservations through UO contracted travel agents by:

  • Arranging itinerary with travel agent
  • Completing the Travel Approval Form
  • Submitting form and itinerary to Shoshana Cohen, director of Fiscal Services
  • Note: City pairs are contracted, discounted, unrestricted, one-way fares. These contracts are for use by State of Oregon Employees for official business only. Payment must be made to the contracted travel agencies from state indexes only (foundation funds cannot be directly charged). They may not be used for independent contractors. To book City Pair flights, follow the process described above for booking flights with UO contracted travel agents.

Procurement Card for common carrier fares: Common carrier fares such as airline, bus, and train fares (not taxis and airport shuttles) can be purchased via the procurement card by:

  • Completing the Travel Approval Form
  • Setting up an itinerary with the internet agency in Central Business Services Office
  • Fiscal Services staff will purchase the transportation with the procurement card

Personal Payment: Airfare or other transportation can be reimbursed upon completion of travel.  To be reimbursed:

  • Complete Travel Reimbursement Request Form
  • Attach proof of payment to form and submit to Central Business Services Office. The proof of payment may be on the itemized receipt. If it’s not, include another form of proof (e.g., credit card receipt, credit card/bank statement, or canceled check).
  • Personal payment cannot be reimbursed until trip is complete.
  • Remember, a signed Travel Approval Form must be provided in advance of all business travel.

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Travel Restrictions

  • The university will not reimburse first class travel.
  • All employees are required to travel using routes, schedules, and airlines that provide the lowest rates and most efficient travel.
  • When combining personal travel with business, only the business portion can be paid by the university. Any personal portion of the airfare will have to be paid by traveler at time of ticket purchase. (When to get a comparison airfare quote.)
  • Personal payment cannot be reimbursed until trip is complete.
  • Mileage reimbursement for out-of-state travel requires a comparable airfare quote, and mileage reimbursement is limited to the least expensive between the airfare quote or vehicle mileage.
  • Travel while on Sabbatical or Leave of Absence must be approved prior to being reimbursed for travel. Submit the Sabbatical Travel Approval Request form in advance if you know you will need to be traveling on UO business while on sabbatical or leave of absence.

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Travel Advances

Travel Advance is a personal loan to employees based on anticipated, legitimate, reimbursable, business expenses. A minimum of $200 per person can be obtained per trip. The loan begins accruing interest between two and four weeks after the return date.

Travel Advance Procedures

  • To obtain a travel advance, provide Central Business Services Office with business purpose, dates, and locations and the sources of funds with approval in writing two weeks before your departure date.
  • Pick up travel advance at Business Affairs, Accounts Payable in Oregon Hall.
  • Upon completion of travel, a Travel Reimbursement Request Form for approved business expenses is completed, which is automatically applied against the loan and any excess will be paid to the traveler.
  • If the reimbursement is less than the loan, payment for the remainder is due with the reimbursement request.

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Travel Reimbursements

Travel Reimbursements may be requested after you have completed a business trip. All reimbursement requests must be submitted within six months of the trip or by June 15, whichever comes first.

Travel Reimbursement Procedures

  • Submit Travel Approval Form describing the trip and purpose, and submit all relevant receipts to Central Business Services Office prior to departure date.
  • After travel, submit the Travel Reimbursement Request Form.
  • Other than standard per diem reimbursements, original receipts are required for travel expenses of more than $25.
  • All receipts must be original and show proof of payment
  • Any conference travel reimbursements require a copy of conference brochure
  • If attending a meeting, please provide meeting agenda.
  • Lodging per diem does not include tax. To claim lodging tax, provide lodging receipt.
  • Official conference lodging is reimbursed at actual lodging expense, and a lodging receipt with proof of payment is required.
  • Car rentals are reimbursed at the economy rate unless transporting three or more people.
  • The state provides coverage for rental vehicles if they are to be used for official business. The only reimbursable car insurance expense is Limited Damage Waiver (LDW or CDW). The Enterprise contract covers this insurance and does not need to be purchased separately.

Note: See the Foundation section for information about completing the Travel and Entertainment Log for travel reimbursements from the UO Foundation funds.

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Motor Pool

Campus and state vehicles may be used for travel by University of Oregon employees, students and official volunteers with the approval of the department head and university Public Safety. In addition to this approval, official volunteers on university business are required to have a Conditions of Volunteer Service form on file with the university Risk Management Office. Visit the Motor Pool website for rates, reservations, and policies.

Motor Pool Restrictions

  • All drivers must have possession of a driver certification card. You must have this card with you in order to receive the keys to the Motor Pool vehicle. To obtain this card, submit name, driver’s license number, and state of issue to the designated department personnel for Motor Pool. The approval process for the Driver’s Certification Card takes approximately five business days.
  • To be eligible to drive a Motor Pool van, all drivers must successfully pass a van training course prior to checking out a van. If requesting a van, it is best to do so at least one month in advance. Vans are hard to come by on short notice, especially on weekends.
  • For all trips out of state or that will incur any reimbursable expense, the responsible employee must a Concur Request prior to the trip. Failure to do so could cause a cancellation of the trip.
  • If students will be reimbursing the department for the trip, they must pay in advance based on an estimate of the cost.

Motor Pool/State Owned Vehicle Accidents

The renter of a Motor Pool or state vehicle involved in an accident must report the accident within 24 hours to the Office of Risk Management: 541-346-8316.

Personal Vehicle or Rental Vehicle for University Business

Travelers should review the personal vehicle use policy prior to travel.

Any personal vehicle or rental vehicle travel out of state will need an airfare quote included with any request for travel reimbursement. Please see the instructions for airfare quote requirements.

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Travel Forms

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