Emily Sutton joins the DeRose lab!

Let’s all give a warm welcome to Emily Sutton, the newest PhD student in the DeRose lab!

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Jon White successfully defends thesis!

Let’s all congratulate Dr. Jonathan D. White! He will be leaving us to pursue a post-doc at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, OR. Congratulations and good luck!

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Adam Saunders joins the DeRose lab

We are excited to announce Dr. Adam Saunders has joined the DeRose lab as a post doctoral member from Stanford University!

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Scorpioplatin Manuscript Accepted in Angewandte Chemie

Please join us in congratulating Jon White and Lindsay Guzman for the acceptance of their manuscript (An Alkyne-Appended, Click-Ready Pt(II) Complex with an Unusual Arrangement in the Solid State) in Angewandte Chemie. Here is a link to go check it out!

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Lisa Eytel Joins DeRose Lab for Winter Rotation

Let’s all give Lisa Eytel a warm welcome as she joins the DeRose lab for a winter rotation!

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Organic/Inorganic Seminar ~ Friday October 17th

For the organic/inorganic seminar this Friday, Professor DeRose is hosting Lynette Cegelski from Stanford University. Come check it out. Listed below is an abstract of the talk and all pertinent details.

Lynette Cegelski
Stanford University

2:30 pm, 331 Klamath Hall
Coffee Reception 2:00PM in Klamath 377

Title: Structure, Function, and Inhibition of Bacterial Biofilms: Lessons from Small Molecules and a Big Magnet

Bacterial biofilms are complex multicellular assemblies that exhibit resistance to antibiotics and contribute to the pathogenesis of serious and chronic infectious diseases. As insoluble and non-crystalline materials, biofilms pose a challenge to analysis by conventional methods. We are working to transform vague biofilm descriptors from terms like slime and glue into quantitative parameters of chemical and molecular composition. We recently developed an approach that integrates non-perturbative preparation of the extracellular matrix with electron microscopy, biochemistry and solid-state NMR spectroscopy to define the chemical composition of the intact and insoluble extracellular matrix of a clinically important pathogenic bacterium–uropathogenic E. coli. Our data permitted a sum-of-all-the-parts analysis. In our chemical biology efforts, we have also discovered small-molecule biofilm inhibitors of E. coli biofilms and we are examining their influence on biofilm composition and architecture. I will discuss these results and our emerging discoveries in biofilms formed by Vibrio cholerae.

Website: http://cegelskilab.stanford.edu/

Refreshments will be served at 2:00pm in 377 Klamath
Seminar will begin at 2:30PM in 331 Klamath.
Hosted by Prof. Vickie DeRose

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DeRose Lab published in special edition of Dalton Transactions!

Congratulate DeRose lab members Alan Moghaddam, Jonathan White and Rachael Cunningham on being published in a special nucleic acids edition of Dalton Transactions. Click here to see the ASAP manuscript.

graphical abstract

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Tomasso, Regina, and Joseph join lab for Fall 2014

Tomasso Stefani, Regina Wirth, and Joseph Harman are joining the DeRose lab for Fall 2014. Please join us in welcoming them!

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Professor DeRose gives talk at 2014 Eurobic meeting in Zurich

Professor DeRose will be giving a talk at the Eurobic meeting in Zurich. Click here for more information.

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Jon White gives a talk at Fall ACS meeting

DeRose lab member Jon White will be giving a talk at the ACS national meeting in San Fransisco, Ca. For more information click here.

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