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Tropical Contemporary Happenings

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Tropical Contemporary has a jam packed
season coming off a massive open call. The upcoming season is curated by
and also showing undergraduate and graduate art students from UO. We
also received a massive grant and will be a starting an artist residency
program in about a year.We share and showcase other local art show and opportunities as well.

Aiyana McClinton’s Northrop Award-winning piece on display in hearth of Chapman Hall

Photographed by Dana Sparks for Clarks Honors College
Aiyana McClinton and her Northrop Award-winning piece, “Take Care,” now on display in the hearth at Chapman Hall. 

by Abbey McDonald, Clark Honors College Communications 

A few weeks ago, on May 29, two women hammered six nails directly into the wall of the newly renovated Chapman Hall. It happened in plain sight of administration, between the south entrance and room 102.

They were Sonja Dahl, the fibers studio manager at the School of Art and Design, and Aiyana McClinton, the Northrop Award winning student whose art will adorn the front lobby until the spring of 2021.

The Keena Shaw Northrop Dean Art Award was established in 2013. Northrop graduated in 1950 from the School of Architecture and Allied Arts with a degree in Fine/Applied Arts. She did some of her coursework in Chapman Hall, using the project drawers in what is now the Clark Honors College Library to store her work.

The award will be offered for the next 10 years for a student to produce a work of art to install in Chapman Hall for one year.

The three textile pieces took an hour to arrange, and McClinton carefully fluffed and preened each one. Her plan for its presentation had been stewing since spring break, when she was notified that her work had been selected.

“I went and looked at the space and thought, ‘they’re going to look so perfect!’” she recalled.

McClinton used cotton, yarn, raw and refined wool for most of the black and white pieces. She also dangled warp ends from its edges that her classmates cut from finished loom projects. Its variety of materials combine with eclectic weaving techniques to make the installation a treat for the eyes, and soft to the touch.

Though the three pieces have their own personalities, with McClinton’s favorite part being the tuft of wool at the top of the right piece, they all coexist in harmony.

“I like to think of them as triplets. They’re all sort of interconnected and communicating with each other, and I like to think that they’re sort of relying on each other,” she said.

Northrop Art Award recipient: Aiyana McClinton

Aiyana McClinton Artist Statement
Weaving is a direct communication of time, you start at one end and finish at the other in an incredibly linear way. In my own weavings I experiment with the idea of linear woven time by allowing the wool to travel not only horizontally, but also vertically. Following the notion of linear time the wool travels horizontally; right to left, left to right in a predictable line. In an effort to contradict this conventional linearity I also allow the wool to travel up and down the warp, almost as if it were being translated through dimensions or places in time.

These woven triplets tell a story of time and dependence. They feature a mixture of raw and refined wool, cotton yarn, and many other found materials like rope and warp ends, in a high contrast black, tan and white color palette. Wool droops and meanders through the weavings, enunciating the way the three interact with and affect each other. When on the loom, the pieces are completely flat; when allowed to drape, the pieces take on emotion and life. The horizontal lines become snakes slithering between the weavings, messages being sent back and forth. The draping of the weavings mocks the drooping cotton floats, giving a body to the woven emotions. The folds are translated across weavings, connecting them all as one sporadic movement. The two outer weavings humbly lean on the center piece, reliant and responsive. Emotional communication and cyclical time is found in the jumping and repeating wool pieces. The weavings are in tune with their connections.



Hello everyone!

We’re calling students to help build upon this university’s reputation for environmental action. HOPES[26] is an opportunity to chart the course of your education. If you are graduating or unavailable, feel free to nominate someone you think would make a good HOPES leader  Just forward the email to them and cc

We have the following open leadership positions:

Director of Logistics: questions – Contact Madeline Chu at

Director of Outreach: questions – Contact Emma Stone at

Director of Branding: questions – Contact Shelby Stagi at

Director of Speakers: questions – Contact Danielle Valdez at  

Director of Social Media/Web Design: questions – Contact Izzy Ospina at

Portland Director: If you will be based in Portland next year but want to stay involved, please email Colton Groves at

If you would like to apply for Conference Co-Director (two positions available) please email Zach Sherrod


Send an email to with the position you are interested in for the subject line (i.e. Outreach Director).

Send us your application by 5 PM Wednesday, May 22nd.

In your email, please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Program (major and bachelor/master)
  • Information about your plans for next year (graduation term/year, study abroad, Portland campus, etc.)
  • List relevant skills, experience, or personal attributes that make you a good candidate for this position
  • Personal statement about why you would like to fill this position
  • Supplementals (optional):

o    Resume

o    CV

o    Portfolio (Necessary for Branding Director)

o    Work samples

o    References

This Thursday’s Triple Art Receptions at UO!

ENVELOP Exhibit_digitaldisplay-01-1qmet6g

This Thursday evening there are three exciting art receptions during the same time period which makes for a perfect UO welcoming event for art lovers:

Thursday, March 14th DIY Art Walk, 3 Receptions:

Envelop Reception with Anne Magratten MFA ‘15 in EMU Adell McMIllan Gallery, 6-7pm

5th Annual Undergraduate Juried Reception in Lawrence Hall’s LaVerne Krause Gallery, 6-7pm

Interior Architecture Student Design Presentations in Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, 5-7pm


“Conveniently Packaged for Your Wasteful Consumption”

“Conveniently Packaged for Your Wasteful Consumption”

A site-specific, collaborative installation

ARTR 346 Relief Printmaking

Please come, visit our large scale, site-specific collaborative art installation by Relief Printmaking class. It comprised of over 400 woodcut prints. Take-away prints will be available from our “vending” machine for your donation to a local non-profit, McKenzie River Trust. We hope this project to bring awareness to a huge trash problems in the ocean effecting marine life. It relates to the current exhibit, “Plastic Entanglement” at JSMA.

“Conveniently packaged for your wasteful consumption”

A site-specific, collaborative installation

ARTR 346 Relief Printmaking

Project Statement


Our collaborative installation is comprised of over 400 hand-carved woodcut prints depicting various items of trash such as plastic bottles, food packaging and wrappers, along with diverse sea creatures. Our intention is to bring awareness to our detrimental trash problem and its effect on marine life.

Our consumerism-driven society driven has made convenience our priority, but at what cost to Earth? Is it truly worth disrupting the delicate balance of the ecosystem? Our project addresses questions raised by the current exhibit, “Plastic Entanglement” at JSMA as well as a lecture by one of the selected artists, Dianna Cohen who leads a non-profit called Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Our “vending machine” appears to sell prints of beautiful sea creatures. However, what the viewer might get is one of the trash-themed prints, just as a fisherman might wind up with a chunk of garbage instead of catching any fish. According to Plastic Pollution Coalition, the oceans will contain more plastic per pound than fish by 2050. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a collection of floating trash halfway between Hawaii and California, has now grown to more than 600,000 square miles; that’s twice the size of Texas. We need to approach the problem with a sense of urgency to act now.

All the money deposited into the vending machine for the take-away prints will be donated to the local non-profit called McKenzie River Trust that focuses on environmental justice; they use 90% of all the money that they raise for land protection, land stewardship and public outreach. Clean protected river water running through conserved land with native species eventually reaches the ocean. Everything is connected.

Printmaking media has been a vehicle for social change and democracy. The methodology of producing multiples, particular to printing, has been widely utilized for spreading ideas and building community. As a class this term, we have been critically investigating how value is determined and what makes things worth sharing, telling and doing. This collaborative project stems from something that matters to us collectively.

Tiara Adams, Anna Baldwin, Maddie Banta, Izzy Cho, Lily Cronn, Reid Ellingson, Amanda Fang, Cheyenne Jaques, Wangqiang Lin, Allie McPheeters, Clancy O’Connor, Alex Perrin, Grace Peccia Stayner, Macon Sumpter, Anna Warnecke, Hongyu Yu
Instructor: Mika Aono Boyd


11/13 Study Abroad Fair

24% of every UO graduating class studies abroad. Internships, field research, and unique program options abound in more than 90 countries. Learn more about internationalizing your education at the GEO Study Abroad Fair: 11/13, 11 am-3 pm, EMU Ballroom.

Lisa Calevi

Assistant Director for Institutional Relations

Global Education Oregon

5209 University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403-5209


As of August 1, GEO is once again located in 300W Oregon Hall!

HOPES[25] Conference Theme Reveal!

Hi all!

Join us for this year’s HOPES[25] Conference Theme Reveal tomorrow, Wednesday, 10/31 at 5:15 in Lawrence 231.

We’ll get into the Halloween spirit with candy, popcorn and surprises!

Recap of last week’s meeting:

We presented potential theme titles and explained how each relates to sustainability and design.

We then asked you all to vote for the best theme ideas!

We can’t wait to see you all there!


Zach Sherrod

HOPES[25] Co-Director

Kahei Lee

HOPES[25] Co-Director

Emma Stone

HOPES[25] Director of Outreach

Monday, June 11 – receptions for Spring Storm 2018 and Back Alley Bash exhibitions

Monday, June 11

Receptions for Spring Storm 2018 and Back Alley Bash exhibitions- please join us to celebrate!


4:00- 6:00pm in Lawrence Hall, 1190 Franklin Boulevard

Spring Storm 2018 showcases the work of over 70 graduating seniors in the School of Art + Design majoring in art, art & technology, and product design. The exhibition will be on view through June 18 from 10:00am-6:00pm.


6:00-7:00pm in Kalapuya Ilihi, 1751 E 17th Ave

Back Alley Bash presents a culmination of a year’s worth of work from the university’s first Art + Design Academic Residential Community. The exhibition is on view June 6-11 from 10:00am- 6:00pm.


Exhibitions are free and open to all. Visit the School of Art + Design for further information about upcoming eventsand the Departments of Art and Product Design.

Wendy Heldmann

School of Art + Design

University of Oregon


Kickstarter video

Hello! We are looking to Kickstarter to help us to expand our ceramics
studio, Peaches, into an independent and sustainable ceramics studio as
we graduate from the University of Oregon this June. With the help of
your generous donations, we will be able to expand Peaches into our own
studio space and purchase the industrial equipment we need to create
ceramic tableware.
In exchange for your kind contributions, you will have the opportunity
to pre-order limited edition Peaches ceramic ware. We are offering this
exclusive tableware collection to the Kickstarter community for special
prices. Please take the time to watch our video to learn more about the
people and the process behind Peaches. Any contribution, large or small,
will help us achieve our goal!
Here is the link:
Thank you so much and please let us know if you have any questions!

Now That We’ve Bonded: Opening Reception

Now That We’ve Bonded: Opening Reception
The UO Visual Arts Team is excited to present “Now That We’ve Bonded” in
the Adell McMillan gallery.* Join us for the opening reception for a
chance to talk with the artists about their work, and enjoy food catered
by Marché!
“Now That We’ve Bonded” is an exhibition of photographic works from the
spring quarter UO Advanced Photography class taught by Ron Jude. The
work in the show represents a wide range of approaches.
This exhibition will be on view during normal EMU hours from June 6th
through September 30th.
Participating Artists:
Analee Ackerman
Junwei Zhang
Megan May
Melissa Campolo
Hunter Chesnut
Aaron Danny
Bradley Hodgin
Alden Kratz
Ariel Lenkov
Allison Schukis
Amelia Thompson
Chad VanNatta
Peirce Ward
Katie Winkleman
Sam Wrigglesworth
Mark Drevdahl
Desi Colley
Emily Sexton
Sky Wolfram
*Located on Floor 2 of the EMU, near the ballroom. Listed as “McMillan
Gallery” in elevator directory.

The Gift Economy project

On the morning of Tuesday, March 13th, the bike racks between Lawrence, Pacific and Allen Hall have a new addition: an assortment of bright bike seat covers have been distributed among the bikes. Against the grey skies of Oregon, these neon-colored seat covers ring loudly against their dreary background and provide commuters with both colorful cheer and comfort- a dry bike seat awaits their commute home. Simple in design, the waterproof nylon color palette is similar to that of the 1980’s color blocking in neon yellow, hot pink, hunters’ orange, and a bright royal blue. Attached to each is an embroidered tag reading “Gift Economy.”  
The Gift Economy project (@gift_economy) started during an experimental sculpture class, Invisible Infrastructures, and acts as the beginning of a continued collaboration between MFA candidates Kayla Thompson and Jen Vaughn. Invisible Infrastructures focuses on the work of Mierle Laderman Ukeles and the nature of maintenance art and work that intervenes within existing systems. For Thompson and Vaughn the hundreds of handmade bicycle seat covers serve as a small gift and act of care for fellow bike commuters braving winter weather. The creative intervention and colorful flash mob of objects highlights possibilities of positivity and communal well being. Follow the collaboration or share your own on Instagram @gift_economy.  

HOPES[24] Winter Kickoff Meeting, 1/17

Hi all,

Please join us for our first meeting of winter term Wednesday, 1/17, from 5:15PM – 6:15PM in EMU 231aka the Cedar Room! Our meetings from week 3 (1/24) and on will take place in Lawrence 286. We have a ton of updates that we are excited to share about speakers, branding, and special events. I’ve attached a floor plan of the EMU 2nd floor so you can all find your way!
There will be PIZZA provided!

Ben Lucke
HOPES[24] Director of Outreach
BLA 2018

2nd HOPES[24] Meeting, 10/18

Hello all!
Come join us for our second general meeting today, Wednesday, October 18
from 5:15 – 6:15 in Lawrence 286! Our kickoff meeting last week was very
productive and we hope for the same tonight! We will be continuing our
discussion of this year’s theme by starting off with the most popular
topics from last week’s brainstorm. There will be cookies and tea!
Holistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability – see for past events and general info.
Students have the ability to earn credit for their involvement in the
HOPES conference! For further questions regarding academic credit with
HOPES, please email: Kassia Dellabough at or call her
at (541) 346-2621.

Fall 2017 Peer Advising!

Come see us!

Student Peer Advisors for Art/Art & Technology Majors and Art/Multimedia Minors

Fall 2017 Drop-in Hours:

Monday through Thursday: 11am – 12pm

Friday: 12 – 1pm

Come talk with a peer advisor for assistance with:

  • Major/minor requirements
  • Choosing & scheduling classes
  • Transcript questions
  • General Ed requirements
  • Declaring an Art major
  • Applying to Art & Technology major
  • Declaring a minor

Drop in at 254 Lawrence Hall

School of Art + Design Office

P: 541-346-3610

Meeting for HOPES[24] Positions/Involvement

I hope everyone got a chance to enjoy the HOPES conference last month! Although HOPES[23] is over we’d like to start setting up a team for next year.
Elections will be held for leadership positions in the next couple weeks. Leadership positions include Branding DirectorOutreach Director, Logistics Director, and Speakers Director. We will also need to fill positions such as social media lead, web designer, and graffiti team. All positions and their responsibilities will be explained tomorrow at our final meeting of the year. If you loved the HOPES conference and are interested in getting involved please join us tomorrow Wednesday. May 17th at 5pm in LA 206.
*You will have one week to submit your interest for these leadership positions (until May 23), and we will evaluate and elect a team for HOPES [24] shortly after. If you cannot make tomorrow’s meeting but would like more information, please email me or Julia Frost at

On The Wall Exhibition

The second of our four annual shows (September – September) is designed
to highlight the work of local emergent artists. For this year …
UO MFA Candidates: “On The Wall”
   Watershed Arts at Fertilab is pleased to present a group exhibition of new
works by seven
University of Oregon MFA in Art:
    Ron Linn
    Mandy Hampton
    Alex Wurts
    Andrew Douglas Campbell
    Sumer Kham
    Stephen Milner
    Daniel Miller
“On The Wall” runs from December 17, 2016 through February 25, 2017,
9-5 weekdays located at the Fertilab Space: 44 W 7th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401.
First Friday Art Walk: Friday, January 6, 2017, 5:30 – 8 p.m.
Formal Artist Reception: Friday, January 13, 2017, 6 – 8 p.m.
Student Panel Discussion: Tuesday, February 7, 2017, 7 p.m.
TOPIC: “The Role of Artists in Contemporary Times”
In a contemporary art context, the wall, with its long-standing
connection to two-dimensional media, is sometimes viewed as a limiting
space which can only serve to bind a work and fix it within a specific
(literal and symbolic) frame. The familiar phrase “off the wall” is
used to denote something eccentric and unconventional, wild or
untamable. With those two ideas in mind, “On the Wall,” an exhibit
of new works by University of Oregon graduate students in art, is an
attempt to catalog the way in which framed work does not necessarily
need to be polite or tamed, but can continue to engage with questions
that artists face in a contemporary setting.
Expanding upon traditions in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography,
and digital mediums, these artists take on what it means to make a work
that is meant for display on a wall, yet at the same time might upend
expectations about what that work might be.  This diverse collection of
art speaks to the wide array of interests and methodologies at work
within the academic and artistic community at the University of Oregon.
We are thrilled to share a unique body of work from these special,
emerging artists.
Related news/event url or personal website:
Upload Image/s:

Art Department Fall 2017 Scholarships APPLY NOW!

Art Department Fall 2017 Scholarships
Visit our website for more information and a link to the application:

 Current* Art and Digital Arts/Art & Technology majors are eligible to apply.

The deadline to submit Scholarship Applications has been extended to Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at midnight.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their FAFSA as soon as possible prior to the January 18, 2017 deadline.

*Current majors are those whose application/declaration was confirmed by the Art Office before December 1, 2016.

EUZINE Comics & Zine Fest


Our first annual EUZINE Comics & Zine Fest is taking place Saturday November 12th, at 44. W Broadway, in Downtown Eugene. 11AM-6PM, we will be hosting tabling artists from Seattle, Olympia, Portland, Eugene and Beyond for this one day only Comics and Zine event! Admission is free to all! Find us on facebook and online at

AAA, EUZINE Fest was started by UO graduates
and local artists who wanted to create an event that exposes local and regional talent through print media, ephemera, comics, illustrations, storytelling and many other graphic and visual arts. We would like to continue to grow this event in scale and complexity and will continue to reach out to artists in other cities large and small to showcase their talent. We believe a zine fest in Eugene was a long time coming and wish to get the word out to support the artists who have taken a chance on our emerging event.

Tropical Contemporary Presents: Nailbiter


Tropical Contemporary Presents
Friday, November 4th, 2016, 6 PM – 9 PM
Tropical Contemporary, 1120 Bailey Hill #11
Eugene OR
Facebook Event

Following in the footsteps of Teenybopper and
Lollygagger, Tropical Contemporary presents Nailbiter, a group show of local artists working with ideas of idiosyncratic psychological tendencies. Fear, the emotional response to threat, danger or abjectness. Cortisol floods the central nervous system and
pupils dilate with a sharp inhale. Should we flee? Fight? Gag? We’re yelling at the car in front of us as if this has become the lion our genetics tell us we should be fleeing thousands of years ago on the savannah plains. These impulses become even further
removed, as we watch actors on screen run from bloodthirsty killers, tapping our veins as we crave the adrenaline rush brought on by this illusion of danger. The fight or flight response, a genetic hijacking, conditions us through Pavlovian mechanisms to acquire
unique and problematic coping mechanisms. Nail biting, a mild form of the obsessive compulsive tendency, Trichotillomania, rewards us for ripping small pieces of cuticle and nail; tiny self-cannibalizations. This can temporarily hold off the cortisol; small
fleshy sacrifices to help channel our focus. This behavior we pass down socially, learning from our loved ones who cope in this same way.

Through a variety of media, including painting,
sculpture, photography, and video, Tropical presents a show that looks at this relationship of behavior and stress, venturing into the creepy, grotesque, and abject.

Tropical Contemporary is an itinerant collective
of emerging artists in Eugene, Oregon who are working to instill a climate of contemporary discourse, critique, and unbridled creation by finding ways to connect through visual, acutely visceral, and symbolic means.

Announcing: Art Department Peer Advisors, 2016-17


Hello! My name is Katie Lipp and I am currently one of the two Peer Advisors for the Art and Art and Technology departments. I am a senior this year and intend to graduate in June of 2017. I began my time at UO as an Art major and have since then made the transition into the Art and Technology major. I love working in both traditional and  non-traditional medias and always attempt to let my passions for both guide me in my work. As an artist and designer, my interests lie mainly in print media and visual communication. I also have a huge appreciation for fine art and recently declared an Art History minor. I have loved my
time in the Art Department here at UO and am really looking forward to seeing where my skills and education will take
me after I graduate!


My name is Teddy Tsai and after transitioning from two years in
political science and psychology I am happy to have the privilege to serve as one of your Peer Advisors for the Art and Art Technology majors. Since declaring my major I’ve enjoyed the many resources our department has had to offer and have extended my practice abroad with my fellow Art students. A focus is something I’ve yet to decide on, however one thing I can be sure of is my passion for the new and challenging regardless of artistic association. When I’m not wandering the halls of
Lawrence I enjoy working with the UO students in other communities, such as the Clark Honors College and the University Housing. I find human interaction to be a fascinating thing and often look upon it as the inspiration for my work. As I enter a new year of exploration and growth, I look forward to meeting and learning with every one of you.


11:00 am – 12:00 pm, Monday-Thursday

11:00 am – 1:00 pm, Friday

Please drop by the Art Office at 198 Lawrence Hall during these hours if you want to meet with a peer advisor.

MFA Show at Disjecta


The 2016 UO Art MFA Thesis Exhibition opens Friday, May 6, at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, 8371 North Interstate Avenue in Portland, with a reception from 6-9 p.m. The exhibition runs through May 29.

The eight artists presenting work “reveal and question truths, both singular and universal, by exploring ways of being that go beyond the conventional,” states Alexandra Mickle, a UO art history graduate student, in the show catalog. “The exhibited installations are grounded in the gallery space but speak more broadly to questions of larger dialogues.”

Mickle’s commentaries about each of the artists “consider each artist both individually and as a cohort, suggesting potential threads to create discourse among distinct practices. Embracing many mediums and forms, the works in this exhibit present iterations, fragmentations, and clarifications of reality, encouraging a reevaluation of things as they are, or as they appear to be.”

Exhibiting artists are Anya Dikareva, Summer Gray, Krista Heinitz, Steven Joshlin, Daniel Lopez, Sarah Mikenis, Rachel Widomski, and Stephen Nachtigall.

“These artists have worked in tandem, occasionally collaborating, engaged in the hard work of the studio and the challenges of critical discourse,” says Christopher Michlig, graduate program director in the UO Department of Art. “Pushed by their peers, faculty members, and remarkable visitors, these artists leave the program well-equipped, with promising bodies of work and the tools for ongoing inquiry.”

Video, digital media, collage, performance, painting, sculpture, printed matter, photography, and installation make up the range of practices presented in the exhibition. “The broad range of inquiry and practice demonstrates the dynamic conceptual and formal potentials of this graduating group of young artists,” Michlig notes.

Sarah Mikenis says she tries to create art “that is unresolved or defies easy categorization. My work oscillates between being a painting and a sculpture, between being an art object and acting like an everyday object, that is simultaneously serious as well as playful and mocking.”

Her work is “more sculptural and object-like than traditional two-dimensional painting,” she says. One piece in the show is a large, green, monochromatic painting with pockets attached. Sometimes the work is easily recognizable, like a pair of pants with pockets, and other times it seems familiar, perhaps a pillowcase, a couch cushion, a tile floor, “but remains unnamable,” she says. She hopes viewers take away “some feeling of ambiguity in the work; not just that the work is indecisive, but that it swings wildly between being uneasy and completely confident.”

Her materials and processes vary widely, as has the direction of her creative inquiry since she began graduate school. Some are made in plywood covered with upholstery foam and canvas; others are made from digital drawings translated into oil or acrylic paint and airbrushed. She characterizes her show installation as a synthesis of the trajectory of her work over the past three years — from photo-realism to abstraction, from making collages to be painted, and finally to “paintings that become sculptural objects themselves.” Though her work has changed dramatically, certain themes — like the human body, fashion, consumerism, pattern, and disruption — have remained, she says.

“I am calling the installation ‘Painting’ with quotations because although I use canvas and paint, and most of the work hangs on the wall, my work is much more sculptural and object-like than traditional two-dimensional painting. My paintings are sometimes stuffed and puffy, or wrinkled, or the gesture of the painted form seems to be slumping, leaning against the wall, or bending away from the wall and toward the viewer.”

Stephen Nachtigall also departs from traditional two-dimensional work, however his installation is based around digital videos made with 3D models of plants and animation software.

The videos are shown on flatscreen televisions incorporated into a structure built with steel studs. His work also integrates printed mesh screens and other materials as the “walls” of the space. “The result is a provisional structure that viewers can look through and also pass through physically,” he says.

“I wanted the work to reflect both the physical, sculptural aspects of my work and also include digital video, which is a large part of my practice,” he says. “What I came up with is a framework that will meld these multiple ways of making together.”

Nachtigall says the work is a new direction for him at the same time “a kind of summation” of his studies at UO.

“The vibe of the work in the show will be a mix of things I see in our cultural environment, screens that are designed to shift our attention away from something or towards something else, the way that images might determine our approach to reality, and a connection to our ecological predicament that is often a tenuous mix between alienation and complacency. What I hope my work can do for viewers is to provide a place that affords the chance to reflect on how they might feel about a future where ‘nature’ might not mean anything more than an image of simulated plants on a screen.”

Disjecta is open Friday through Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. when exhibitions are staged; in between shows, the gallery is closed.

Continuous Lattice, A Collaborative Exhibition by PSU & UO MFA students


“The art scene its self is an endless self-corrective process. Its workings are more evident the more it accelerates and condenses.”

– Lucy R. Lippard

Continuous Lattice is a collaborative exhibition with works by the MFA candidates of Portland State University and the University of Oregon. It developed out of visits and discussions between the first-year graduate students at each school. The work exhibited is diverse in medium, technique, and concept that represent the individual practices of each artist. While the pieces vary, they are united by desires to connect and seek solidarity. The show is an opportunity the artists to build a community – bridging the gap between two programs, geographical distances, and artistic processes.

There will be an opening reception Friday, April 15th from 6-8pm with performances scheduled to start at 6pm to continue intermittently throughout the duration of the opening. The Wallace and Grace Hayden Gallery will host Continuous Lattice through May 14. We invite all to attend and connect with this community.


Kayley Berezney

Carlin Brown

Jordan Clark

Melanie Flood

Megan Hanley

Laura Hughes

Natalya Kolosowsky

Stephen Milner

Sam Sanderson

Natalie Wood

Alexander Wurts

Wallace and Grace Hayden Gallery, Lawrence Hall

1st floor, 5249 University St, Eugene, OR 97405

Gallery Hours:

Sunday-Saturday, 7:30am – Midnight

DITCH projects receives 2015 Precipice Grant



Congratulations to Ditch Projects for being a recipient of a 2015 Precipice Fund Grant!


Ditch Projects, an artist-run space in Springfield, Oregon, is one of the sole venues devoted to experimental contemporary art in the Eugene/Springfield region. The Precipice Fund grant will assist with the costs of Ditch Project’s 2016 exhibition program and related, open-format artist talks in both Springfield and Portland.

2016 UO Art MFA 2nd Year Exhibition

January 7 – January 30, 2016
First Thursday Opening Reception
January 7, 2016  |  5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

White Box at the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts in Portland is pleased to present 2016 UO Art MFA 2nd Year Exhibition. On display will be the work of nine master of fine arts graduate students in their second year of candidacy.

Lee Asahina
Andrew Douglas Campbell
Chelsea Couch
Mandy Hampton
Ron Linn
Joe Moore
Mary Morgan
Meril Wallace
Esther Weng

24 NW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday | noon-6:00 p.m.


The 2016 UO Art MFA 2nd Year Exhibition presents the work of nine MFA students in their 2nd year of Candidacy. The Department of Art MFA is an interdisciplinary program in which students are encouraged to work across disciplines, with focus in areas of sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, digital arts, ceramics, fibers, and jewelry & metalsmithing. The curriculum combines disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary thinking, and students work closely with faculty members from every media area through graduate reviews, independent studies, and interdisciplinary courses.

“An idea danced is an idea deteriorating in the process of being revealed, changed, getting caught up in the world, mucked-up and mitigated: that is, it’s improved.”*

If there is a common thread running through the work of these artists, it is that each refuses expected responses to subject-object relationships, and each artist mediates these relationships vis-à-vis surprising and experimental processes and use of materials, often conveying the aspiration of one medium through the voice of another, sometimes returning again and again to the same idea with widely varying responses. Collage, video, ceramics, drawing, sculptural bricolage, puppetry and painting are all presented under an umbrella of exploration whose imperative seems to be a continual upending of viewer expectation. There is a momentum in each artist’s practice, represented in this exhibition by works that index highly discursive and energetic artistic activity, hinting at both the temporal nature of an artist’s labor, as well as the enduring visual and conceptual momentum that occurs as the result.

The MFA program is a three-year period of rigorous studio investigation, critical discourse, and conceptual development. Emphasis is placed on developing a course of study tailored to the needs of the individual student, while encouraging exploration and risk-taking. The program supports a thorough engagement with the processes and principles that are fundamental to each student’s discipline, as well as an informed awareness of issues and practices within the larger art community. Developing fluency in critical discourse, analysis, and writing are important parts of the MFA program, which culminates in a yearlong terminal project and group Thesis exhibition.

*Martin, Timothy, “Janitor in a Drum: Excerpts from a Performance History”, Mike Kelley: Catholic Tastes, Whitney Museum of American Art, 59-64, 1993

This exhibition is made possible in part by the Ballinger Family Memorial Fund.

Jewelry & Metalsmithing Annual Sale PART 2 to be Held at MODERN


Part 2 of the 20th ANNUAL Jewelry Sale will be held at MODERN (207 E. 5th Ave in Eugene) from 6-8pm on Friday, December 4th!

As part of the First Friday ArtWalk, students and alumni of the Jewelry & Metalsmithing program in the Department of Art will present jewelry that is inventive and thoughtful. Each student is responsible for the design and fabrication of 3-5 pieces of jewelry including rings, pendants, brooches, earrings, etc. All pieces will be priced between $20 – $100 in order to raise funding for guest lectures, seminars and studio equipment. The sale has enjoyed immense success in past years. Be sure to mark your calendar!