Awesome Job Opportunity for Students!

Hi students,

Are you interested in a well-paying, flexible and rewarding campus job? First-Year Programs is accepting applications for our First-Year Experience (FYE) Assistant position. No matter your area of study, past job experience or extracurricular interests, you can apply to be an FYE Assistant (FA)!

In this position, you would help lead a FIG or FIG runway alongside a faculty member. This job would help you develop various skills from leadership to organization to communication and collaboration. We are looking to hire a diverse group of about 30 students, from rising sophomores to rising seniors.

You can find more information about the programs we offer as well as the details about the FA application at our website: If you have any questions about applying or need some more time to get your materials together, please feel free to contact us at (541)-346-1131 or

This is an incredibly special job opportunity that you do not want to miss out on. We hope to receive your application!


Student Coordinator

First-Year Programs

Oregon Hall 107


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