Mike Kan Memorial Art Commision

 Call for Artists Commission: Mike Kan Memorial Art Commission 

The Erb Memorial Union (EMU) and the Kan Family invite artists to submit portfolios as application for a commissioned public artwork for placement in the EMU. In order to apply for the commission, University of Oregon undergraduate students should submit previously completed work that demonstrates originality and skill in creating and executing two dimensional work. The work submitted must have been completed within the past 2 years. 

Mike Kan was a student at the graduated from UO in 1977 and one of the founding member of the Asian and Pacific American Student Union. To honor his memory of his contributions to campus, the family is commissioning a piece of work that represents the qualities of his service to the University: diversity; leadership; service to self and others. 

Selected artists will work with the EMU Art Committee and the family to plan and execute the new commission. 

To apply, student artists should submit an entry that contains: 

• Digital images of no more than 5 pieces of previously completed artwork. Images should include information about medium and size. 

• A brief individual history and artist statement (no more than two pages) that addresses how your past work aligns with the criteria (diversity, leadership, service to self and others) and how these elements will inform a commissioned piece. 

• Please include a letter of reference or recommendation from a faculty member or mentor who can speak to your ability to plan, execute and collaborate on a significant commissioned work. 

• Send complete application with the above three requirements attached to pacsa@uoregon.edu by December 2, 2019. 

The selection committee will evaluate applications on: 

• Quality, skill, and artistic merit demonstrated in previous work 

• Representation of the themes of diversity, leadership, service to self and others in previous work 

• Artist’s demonstrated capacity to work with a committee to create a commissioned work that exemplifies the themes of diversity, leadership, service to self and others 

• Reference from faculty and/or professional mentor 

The commissioned artist will be awarded up to $1,500 depending on merit. The award price includes money for professional framing and presentation, as the completed work must be professionally framed and ready to hang. The EMU Art Committee will work with the artist after piece is complete to make sure it meets framing and hanging specifications. The work will be added to the EMU Permanent Art Collection in addition to being highlighted at relevant special events. 

The award may be split between multiple deserving artists at the family and EMU Art Committee’s discretion.

Submitted images may also be selected and shown in an art show in the Adell McMillan Gallery in the EMU celebrating the qualities of service that represent Kan’s contribution to the University of Oregon. 

Once selected, the artist will work the EMU Art Committee and the Kan Family to plan and execute the new work (including location to be on display). 

About the EMU Permanent Art Collection 

The Erb Memorial Union Permanent Art Collection has been in existence since the EMU building was constructed in 1950. The collection began with a dozen paintings and etchings by a handful of artists and now boasts over 240 works of art. The focus of the collection has been influenced by its relationship to the Pacific Northwest Art Annual and the large donation of northwest art from the estate of Adell McMillan. The EMU Art Committee will consider further acquisitions based on what the piece brings to the collection and its representation of northwest art and artists. Pieces in the collection displayed in public space are available for viewing anytime the building is open. 

Permanent Art Collection Mission Statement: 

The EMU Permanent Art Collection strives to build and maintain a diverse representation of Pacific Northwest art and artists. 


– List of adverting and posting created 

October 1 

– Call for artist goes out 

Dec 2 

– Close for call 

Jan 1

– Award selected 

March 1 

– Check in 

April 15 complete 

– Piece completed 

May 2 

– Redwood Room Event 

– Gallery reception

Mike Kan Memorial Art Commission

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