Call for Students and Teachers in Art and Design Fields

International Art Call:

Art World Crypto-Style: Shanghai 1st Edition


Open to all artists and mediums.  Digital photographs/images are required.

Showcasing images of works by international artists from across the world.  Artwork will be tokenized using new Blockchain Tech, making the exhibition interactive with viewers able to purchase work digitally

The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce new artists and collectors to this new medium.  No blockchain experience required!


Shanghai M50 art district.


50 Moganshan Rd, Putuo Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

50 Moganshan Road or M50 (莫干山路50号) is a contemporary art district in Shanghai, China that houses a thriving community of more than a hundred artists studios.  It is often compared with New York’s SoHo and Beijing’s 768 Art Zone.  The art section has become a cultural attraction for international visitors, and was named among the top ten things to do in Shanghai by Time Magazine.


New Phenomenon and art medium: Crypto-Art.  Artworks can be traded and sold digitally, with ownership recorded on an online ledger known as the (blockchain).  This is a brand new cutting edge movement in art, and allows participants to buy and sell digital artwork with a simple device such as their cell phones.  Blockchain group start-ups have exploded in the past few years, and the market of art is no exception: with many new and old artists hitting the scene.  This is an amazing opportunity to expand to an international audience with the exploding art scene in Shanghai, China.  For our first show we will be located in the M50 Art district, the gallery host is well established and centrally located at the entrance of the district.  This is a famous tourist destination for art lovers who come to Shanghai from all over the world.  Your work will be exhibited to an international cutting-edge group, that is pulling old and new investors alike from around the world without geo restrictions thanks to blockchain tech.  The purpose of this exhibition will be to exhibit established blockchain artists, and incorporate new artists into the digital ecosystem, as well as to educate and introduce the audience.

Enter our show featuring digital art on the blockchain Entrants submit three high quality files (under 10 mb) of original work. All styles of artwork Photography/painting/gifs are acceptable as long as the work is digital!  All works will be tokenized on the blockchain for exhibition, This call is international, open to all geographical locations.  This is an amazing opportunity to showcase your talent in a new medium, on the block-chain in a bustling art-focused district in Shanghai China.

Prize Pool:

3 selected prizes be awarded as a purchase and acquired by the Shanghai Crypto Edition with funds reserved from the entry pool, and put on display on

Special consideration will be given to all entrants for inclusion in future shows with Shanghai Crypto Edition.

Deadline for Entries: September 16, 2019

Exhibit dates: TBD
Artists’ Reception: TBD COMING SOON Artworks submitted will be tokenized exclusively as a Crypto Art Non Fungible token (NFT) with crypto collectables marketplace and a website about the competition and blockchain show will be created at

Online registration only.  Submissions by submission form or by email.

For questions email us at

Or connect with Jake on Twitter 🐦 @bigcomicart

Complete Prospectus (please read)



London Foster
Lincoln RD ste 10g Miami Beach, FL 33139
Miami tel: 786-453-9624
Twitter @BigComicArt
Value Art V/A
126 Taikang Lou
Shanghai tel: +86.13701672626

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