SAIL Program – Opportunities

Promotional Mentor Recruitment – Paragraph

My name is Alex Burgdorfer. I work as the Program Manager for the Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL).

Our program focuses on providing assistance to low-income, underrepresented and first-generation high and middle school students. During the summer we provide two 1-week programs in which students are able to visit campus and learn about life as a college students while also learning about available resources such scholarship opportunities.

Throughout the school year we provide assistance to our summer students by empowering university students to become mentors. Through our Mentorship program u of o students provide inspire for students to pursue higher education while also guiding them in achieving scholarship and other support in order to make higher education a reality.

This Fall we are looking for college students to join the SAIL Program and be mentors. We offer paid, volunteer and internship positions based on students availability and desires.


Alex Burgdorfer


Program Manager

Summer Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL)

Division of Undergraduate Education & Student Success

P: 541-346-8378 I

Office: 4 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall

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