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TShirt Transformation Challenge 2019

I am a local artist and hosting an art/design challenge.

Oregon Alphabet Soup Maps in partnership with the Whiteaker Community Market presents: the T-Shirt Transformation Challenge!

A T-shirt is a blank canvas, just waiting for your creative spirit! There are literally millions of ways to transform a simple t-shirt into a one-of-a-kind creation- whether it remains a t-shirt or becomes something else entirely!

Supplies limited- sign up today!

Your $20 entry fee gets you: a Limited-Edition Oregon Alphabet Soup Map T-Shirt (your blank canvas!), Oregon Alphabet Soup Map Vinyl Sticker, and entry into a prize drawing ($40 value!). Register at http://bit.ly/RegisterTshirtChallenge

10% of all sales go to support the Whiteaker Community Market.

All contestants will be entered to win a raffle prize from a Whiteaker Community Market vendor.

PRIZES include:

$50 MECCA bucks- that’s $50 to spend at Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts in Eugene! (http://www.materials-exchange.org/)

24 inch framed Oregon Alphabet Soup Map (original screenprint!) (www.facebook.com/ORAlphebetSoup)

Natural beauty products from Simple Laurels (https://simplelaurels.com/)

The top 5 designs will be featured on the runway at the Whiteaker Block Party Fashion Show August 3, 2019. You may even be able to model your design on the runway!

For more information and to apply, see the attachment or go to http://bit.ly/WBPFashion2019

Alexandria K. Dreher, MSW
Oregon Alphabet Soup Maps
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Azerbaijan 2009-2012

*I respect the diversity of gender identity and don’t want you to have to make assumptions about mine. I identify as female and use the pronouns she and her. I would love to know which pronouns you use.
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