Hello everyone!

We’re calling students to help build upon this university’s reputation for environmental action. HOPES[26] is an opportunity to chart the course of your education. If you are graduating or unavailable, feel free to nominate someone you think would make a good HOPES leader  Just forward the email to them and cc edc.hopes@gmail.com

We have the following open leadership positions:

Director of Logistics: questions – Contact Madeline Chu at  mchu@uoregon.edu

Director of Outreach: questions – Contact Emma Stone at  estone@uoregon.edu

Director of Branding: questions – Contact Shelby Stagi at  sstagi@uoregon.edu

Director of Speakers: questions – Contact Danielle Valdez at  dvaldez2@uoregon.edu  

Director of Social Media/Web Design: questions – Contact Izzy Ospina at  ospinaisabel@gmail.com

Portland Director: If you will be based in Portland next year but want to stay involved, please email Colton Groves at cgroves7@uoregon.edu

If you would like to apply for Conference Co-Director (two positions available) please email Zach Sherrod atzsherrod@uoregon.edu


Send an email to edc.hopes@gmail.com with the position you are interested in for the subject line (i.e. Outreach Director).

Send us your application by 5 PM Wednesday, May 22nd.

In your email, please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Program (major and bachelor/master)
  • Information about your plans for next year (graduation term/year, study abroad, Portland campus, etc.)
  • List relevant skills, experience, or personal attributes that make you a good candidate for this position
  • Personal statement about why you would like to fill this position
  • Supplementals (optional):

o    Resume

o    CV

o    Portfolio (Necessary for Branding Director)

o    Work samples

o    References

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