$1000 Scholarship Opportunity

CBD.market is very excited to tell you that we are offering an Annual $1000 Scholarship to students of The University of Oregon. 

Who is Eligible?

In order to be eligible for the CBD.market 2019 scholarship, you must be:

-Currently attending a college or university in the United States, or you must be accepted into a program starting in the 2019 fall academic year.

-Working towards and undergraduate or graduate degree.

The Application Process

-You must submit a 500 word essay (or more) that focuses on something relating to the topic of well-being. Some topics that you should cover within your essay include:

1. What does it mean for you to live life to the fullest each day?

2. What does a prosperous future look like to you?

3. What can you do now in order to set yourself up for success in the future?

4. What does well-being mean to you?

-You must like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

-Share this opportunity with everyone you know within your social networks

-Submit your essay by e-mail to: scholarship@cbd.market. The e-mail should include:

1. Full name

2. Address

3. Phone number

4. The college or university that you plan to attend in the fall

5. The program or degree that you are going to be studying towards

The full information about our Scholarship is here: https://cbd.market/scholarship

If you have any questions please let us know. 

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,
Alex Malkin
Phone: +1 (442) 777-0177

This message is being posted because it may be of interest to University of Oregon art students.  Neither the UO nor the Department of Art make any representations or endorsements regarding the content of the message or its originator.  Any questions or comments about the message should be directed to the originator of the message and not to the Department of Art.

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