Intertwined Storytelling Performance: May 9th & 10th – Join us


You are invited to a magical storytelling event. “Intertwined: Choices” showcases twelve UO students and staff as storytellers. These individuals have been working hard to craft their stories and will share their personal experiences around the choices they have made, have not made, or decisions that were perhaps never choices at all—sweet, funny, painful, honest. Each story will be live scored by the talented Cullen Vance.

When:   May 9th and 10th (same event, offered two different nights)   Doors open at 7pm with refreshments and activities | Show begins at 7:30.

Where:  Global Scholars Hall, Great Room

We’re so excited to continue our work supporting UO’s amazing diversity of voices, and we hope you’ll choose to join us.

How do we make choices? In “The Journey,” Mary Oliver makes it sound simple, like a matter of instinct and time: “One day you finally knew what to do, and began.” And sometimes, it is like that. A choice arrives at our feet and we just know.

But often, choices breed complications. Whether we gain everything we ever wanted, lose everything we ever had, or wind up somewhere in between, the choices we make change us in ways we can even sometimes predict at the outset. The sides we take create new communities and risk altering old ones. The paths we choose take us to new wonders but we don’t know if they’ll take us back to places we loved. Maybe they shouldn’t. Every time we make a choice, we take a risk. And what if we can’t decide at all? What if the instinct never finds us and we never know for certain what’s right? What if we change our minds?

This year’s theme is all about how we choose and how we come to terms with the choices we make. What strength, comfort, or wisdom can be gained in the telling and the listening? How can we support each other in the work of considering, knowing, beginning, and remembering?

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