Mental Wellbeing Art Show

I am a Coordinator at the Duck Nest Wellness Center. The duck nest is hosting an art exhibit and gala surrounding mental health and wellbeing, and we are currently seeking art submissions. Would you be willing to post our call for submissions through your department announcements? We think that your audience would benefit from this opportunity to submit their art and fight the stigma of mental health. If you do submit our post, here is a description you may find helpful:

“The Duck Nest Wellness is officially accepting submissions for a Mental Wellbeing Art Show! This event,  taking place on May 31st, aims to improve awareness about mental health challenges and destigmatize self-care and seeking help. Art will be displayed in the Mills International Center through the end of spring term To learn more information and apply, visit

Chaucie Edwards

Peer Wellness Coordinator

Duck Nest Wellness Center



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