HOPES [25] Conference: Earl Mark’s Rapid Shelter Site Improvisation

We had a great first day of the HOPES [25] sustainability and design conference! We are so excited about the conversations that have been generated by yesterday’s activities. Let’s maintain that momentum!
For those of you planning to attend Earl Mark’s workshop at 1pm, please remember that¬†part of the workshop will be outside so wear appropriate clothing and shoes.
More information on the Rapid Shelter Site Improvisation workshop:
In the fleeting moments setting up rapid shelter following a catastrophic event, speed may be critical and site data unavailable. With Associate Professor of Architecture, Dr. Earl Mark, and Marine Biologist, Dr. Deborah Brosnan, participants equipped with compass, camera* and sketchpad walk the southern bank of the Willamette River adjacent to UO. Recording what is directly observable, they will then move indoors to layout shelters with a minimal environmental footprint from prepared paper fold models. The experiment concludes with a discussion of lessons learned.
Randy Hester’s lecture, “Design for Ecological Democracy” will start at 10:30, (not as listed on the brochures at 10).
For more information about the HOPES[25] Conference, follow the link below. All events are free and open to the public.
We’ll see you there!
HOPES[25] Team

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