Art Gives Hope

ShelterCare is hosting a fundraising event called Art Gives Hope. Currently we are calling on local and regional artists to donate pieces of art to be auctioned. The funds raised from the artist’s donations contribute significantly to supporting Lane County community members who are experiencing homelessness or on the verge of homelessness. Last year, ShelterCare helped over 1,500 people find stable housing, support services, and behavioral health services.

The Art Gives Hope event will take place at Venue 252 in Eugene, OR on April 25th. Last year the event raised over $33k and had 275 attendees. This year our goal is to raise $50k and have over 300 attendees. Your generous and prestigious contributions will help ShelterCare meet this goal and have a notable positive impact on the community.
Paul Herman
Development Intern

ShelterCare Development Team

Catrina Mathewson (x 2322), Janice Daniels (x 2305)

Phone: (541) 686-1262  ext. 2324 

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