Five new Exhibits at UVAA!

Five New Art Exhibits Opening at UVAA

Beginning Friday, January 18th through March 8, 2019, the Umpqua Valley Arts Center will feature five new exhibits. 

UVAA is proud to feature Likeness:  This show is juried by UVAA’s Gallery Committee explores representational artwork. Representational art strives to depict reality. As we enter this time of unimaginable and rapid change, representational artwork offers the possibility of connecting with those parts of us that are most human. For forty thousand years, long before mankind invented written language, we have put down marks that left a living trace of who we are, what we saw, and what we thought. Representational artwork can make us pay attention to our surroundings as well as to ideas and relationships. We all have a story to tell.

In the Red Gallery, UVAA presents a show titled Being with artworks by Judi Danielson and Hiroshi Ogawa. Judi Danielson creates hauntingly beautiful landscapes of our region with watercolor. Danielson’s works are a celebration of the natural world and the spirit that inhabits the idea of place. Hiroshi Ogawa began making pottery in 1959 at U.C. Santa Barbara. Graduated in 1963 and taught pottery from 1965-1968. Went to Japan in 1969 to study Buddhism and pottery. Studied at a pottery co-operative under Azuma, Ken sensei from 1970-1972. Returned to the United States and set up a studio in Carmel Valley, CA in 1974. Moved to Elkton, OR in 1981 and set up present studio. Built a two chambered woodfire kiln and christened it “Hikarigama” (the illuminated kiln). 

In Gallery II, the work of Fretta Cravens’ work will be on display in her solo show titled, Timeless Engagement. Cravens is an Oregon artist who loves to examine and picture the beauty of nature. The images in her solo show at UVAA are an intersection of her interest in paper making, drawing and photography. Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, Cravens enlarges flowers and plants with a flatbed scanner. These photographic works are reminiscent of the her pastel drawings as they portray a subtle, yet confrontational view of nature. All of her work is printed on archival rag paper imported from France. 

In the Corridor Gallery, an exhibit titled, Unfurl will be on display. Featuring artworks by the students in Bill Mehlhoff’s Waterolor class at UVAA. Mehlhoff has been teaching art for 30 years and his love of art can be seen in the projects on display. The class is comprised of talented artists who love spending time at the art center, with each other, and with Bill to learn new techniques in watercolor. 

UVAA’s Student Gallery features Small, but Artsy: Little Works by the Lancers. The works of art in this show are small, but students at South Umpqua High School want to show you that small is mighty! Many of the works come from the students perpetual sketchbooks that they keep for all drawing, painting, and 2D art classes. Other works include impressionist paintings, scratch art, and all works small but artsy.  

Reception for All Galleries: Friday, January 18, 201p from 5-7pm, catered by Creative Catering. This event is free and open to the public.

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