Girlfriend’s Dog Neon Sign Christmas Gift – PAYING JOB

Hello my name is Stuart, I am looking to commission an artist who could draw a caricature/cartoon (roughly 36”x 36”) of my girlfriends dog and then later paint it on a sheet metal sign.  I theory this is going to be a neon sign of her dog (Instagram: @mister_mogul) that will be given to her as a surprise for Christmas.  It will have to be a two step process, first being the drawing.  This is because the sheet metal fabricator needs a silhouette/outline (the drawing) of the shape so they can cut, form, and weld it together.  Once the metal fabrication is complete the artist will paint their drawing onto the sign.

Below is a picture of a painted sign (the woman) I own that I like the style of, along with a couple pictures of the dog, and caricature drawings I’m envisioning.  I’m not looking for exact recreations of these pictures, just trying to give a general idea of what I’m thinking.  I’d love to see your style ideas.

Ideally I would like to get this completed before Christmas but if that timeframe is going to be hard too difficult in regards to winter break I could take delivery in January and call it an early birthday gift 😁.
I’m more then willing to pay, but I have no idea what to charge and would rather negotiate that fee with the interested parties involved.
For interested parties please contact me:
Phone: 541-602-6331

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