Valley River Center Art Partnership

We will have 2 hedge walls sitting side by side and measuring 8ft high x 4ft wide x 15in deep each located in the Center Court of the mall.

I’d like to have a yearly rotating themed décor on the hedge walls that are visually stimulating for guests and that could be used as a fun photo opportunity. I’d like to switch out the décor every two months as follows:

January-February: winter themed

March-April: Easter/spring themed

May-June: spring/summer themed

July-August: patriotic/ July 4th themed

September-October: fall themed

November- December: Christmas/Holiday themed

The materials used for the décor are up to the artist/designer. I can provide up to $500 for each session listed above for materials.

I can place a 22×28 inch sign by the hedge walls with information about the designer.

I am flexible on the details as needed.


Dani Olsen | Marketing Manager

Valley River Center

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


293 Valley River Center

Eugene, OR 97401

p: 541.683.5511

This message is being posted because it may be of interest to University of Oregon art students.  Neither the UO nor the Department of Art make any representations or endorsements regarding the content of the message or its originator.  Any questions or comments about the message should be directed to the originator of the message and not to the Department of Art.

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