HOPES First General Meeting

HOPES is back in action for our 25th year!  Come join us for our first general meeting on Monday October 8th, from 5:15 – 6:15 in Lawrence 286! If you’re hungry, don’t worry – we’ll have PIZZA.

Holistic Options for Planet Earth Sustainability

HOPES is an annual, student-run, sustainability and design conference in early Spring. We have weekly meetings throughout Fall and Winter where students have the opportunity to participate and contribute to the upcoming conference. This conference exists to give every student a chance to bring their favorite artist, designer, writer, educator, engineer, scientist, etc to the University of Oregon. To read about last year’s theme and speakers, check out our website at hopes.uoregon.edu.

We will spend the majority of our first three meetings brainstorming and discussing our theme for this year, so get involved early!

Students have the ability to earn credit for their involvement in the HOPES conference. For further questions regarding academic credit with HOPES, please email: Kassia Dellabough at kassia@uoregon.edu or call her at (541) 346-2621

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