Nearby Nature Bridge Painting Volunteer Opportunity

Nearby Nature Bridge Mural Painting Project — Volunteers Needed!
Greetings UO Art Students! Hello from Nearby Nature, a non-profit nature education group in Alton Baker Park. This summer Nearby Nature is going to create a mural on the Frohnmayer Footbridge! The mural will be made of stenciled images (like the ones above) painted by a group of TAG Team (Taskforce Against Graffiti) volunteers. This could be you! Read on to learn more.
When: Week of August 13-17 (exact dates/times TBA).
Where: Frohnmayer Footbridge (between the UO and Alton Baker Park on the path toward Autzen Stadium).
What: Painting a stenciled mural of local plants and animals on the bridge. One day for a complete undercoat of grey paint and at least one more day (and possibly two) for stencils. See more details at
Who: Anyone can help on the grey paint day. For the stencil painting days, we want volunteers who have more of an artistic eye. We would love to have some UO Art students!
How: Interested in learning more? Email Shaun Daniel at to let us know you’re interested and what days/times from August 13-17 work best for you. We’ll get back to you with final dates and details. Or call 541-687-9699 if you have questions.
Hope to meet you soon!

— Beth Stein (Executive Director) and Shaun Daniel (Nearby Nature Park Host)

Nearby Nature
PO Box 3678
Eugene, OR 97403

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