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My name is Carolyn Cruze and I’m the assistant curator at Studio Art Direct Inc. At Studio Art Direct we create custom, site specific art and graphic collections for the built environment. We’re currently looking to expand our network of artists. See above links for more information.

Carolyn Cruze

Project Assistant


Fine art & graphics for the built environment. 

To view our book of experience, click here

Visit our online art gallery

Visit our blog at

T (503) 230-9390   |


P.O. Box 9157

Portland, OR  97207


1336 NW Northrup

Portland, OR  97209

This message is being posted because it may be of interest to University of Oregon art students.  Neither the UO nor the Department of Art make any representations or endorsements regarding the content of the message or its originator.  Any questions or comments about the message should be directed to the originator of the message and not to the Department of Art.

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