Video Art and Animation in the Shadow of the Solar Eclipse

Organized by artist Rick Silva, Eclipsecore, an evening of video art and animation made in response to the total solar eclipse, will debut in LA on August 17.

Next Monday, a total solar eclipse will cast a dark shadow over a thin strip of land from coast to coast, the first time that phenomenon has been visible throughout the contiguous US in almost a century. Inspired by this event, artist Rick Silva, in conjunction with experimental video platform Ghosting TV and creative agency WOAH, has organized Eclipsecore, an evening of video art and animation produced in response to the eclipse.

The screening features work by 24 artists, from Andrew Benson‘s trippy, digital abstractions, to Light Hits‘s low-fi, new-age talk show. Preceding the films, there will be a panel discussion with Silva, Benson, WOAH curator Sharsten Plenge, and Sasha Samochina and Marike Jorritsma of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; the group will talk about the connections between science and art. Following the LA event, which takes place on August 17, Eclipsecore will travel to Salem, Oregon, where it will be screened in the eclipse path on August 20, and then will be available online after August 21. The LA event is free, but donations are requested.

When: Thursday, August 17, 7pm–midnight (RSVP here)
Where: (1611 S. Hope St., Downtown, Los Angeles)

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