The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver is pleased to present an exhibition
curated by Derrick Valezquez, on view now through September 2017.
“We accumulate knowledge in stacks. Libraries store books in dense networks
of shelves called “stacks,” where each shelf holds information, research,
and stories. Museums and galleries keep their art in “stacks”—racks,
cubbies, and drawers. Artists often make piles of their work and materials.
The Stacks is an archive of art objects ranging from salvaged painted walls
from a recently closed DIY art space in Denver to new artworks made to be
shown on shelves and in drawers that resemble card catalogues. This
accumulation of material is the product of ongoing research into the
intersecting facets of creative communities in Denver and studio practices
across the country. The works engage with the idea of the archive and the
aesthetic of the library.”
Works by:
Amna Asghar
Sierra Montoya Barela
Marco Cousins
Cory Feder
Adam Gildar
Stephan Herrera
Jovencio de la Paz
Raúl Romero
Thomas Scharfenberg
Colin Ward
Patrice Renee Washington

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