“In the Open” at Western Gallery

Associate Professor Ron Jude’s work is included in the exhibition ‘In the
Open’ at Western Gallery at Western Washington University. Curated by Lee
Plested, ‘In the Open’ brings together an international and multigenerational
group of artists who have captured images in public spaces, utilizing the
invasive potential of the lens gaze to examine these civic regions. The
exhibition spans over 40 years of artists looking at ‘open’ space and how
it has been defined, surveilled and controlled.  Often working from a source
image to articulate social inequalities, the works in the exhibition consider
how we frequently consent to inequitable though legislated conditions. In
this way, the project aims to open questions about what is our right to
privacy when we are out in the open and how are these locations monitored and
Artists included in this exhibition are Art Department faculty member Ron
Jude, Michel Auder, Fiona Bowie, Dries Depoorter, Janice Guy, Antonia Hirsch,
Garry Neill Kennedy, Evan Lee, Wanda Nanibush, Roxy Paine and Bettina
Pousttchi. The exhibition runs from January 4th through March 10th, 2017.

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