Continuous Lattice, A Collaborative Exhibition by PSU & UO MFA students


“The art scene its self is an endless self-corrective process. Its workings are more evident the more it accelerates and condenses.”

– Lucy R. Lippard

Continuous Lattice is a collaborative exhibition with works by the MFA candidates of Portland State University and the University of Oregon. It developed out of visits and discussions between the first-year graduate students at each school. The work exhibited is diverse in medium, technique, and concept that represent the individual practices of each artist. While the pieces vary, they are united by desires to connect and seek solidarity. The show is an opportunity the artists to build a community – bridging the gap between two programs, geographical distances, and artistic processes.

There will be an opening reception Friday, April 15th from 6-8pm with performances scheduled to start at 6pm to continue intermittently throughout the duration of the opening. The Wallace and Grace Hayden Gallery will host Continuous Lattice through May 14. We invite all to attend and connect with this community.


Kayley Berezney

Carlin Brown

Jordan Clark

Melanie Flood

Megan Hanley

Laura Hughes

Natalya Kolosowsky

Stephen Milner

Sam Sanderson

Natalie Wood

Alexander Wurts

Wallace and Grace Hayden Gallery, Lawrence Hall

1st floor, 5249 University St, Eugene, OR 97405

Gallery Hours:

Sunday-Saturday, 7:30am – Midnight

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