Jean Foss (B.S. Fine Arts, 2001) featured at the HEDCO College of Education building


Giraffer i Limpopo Province, South Africa.
Jean Foss (B.S. Fine Arts, 2001)

Join us for a reception February 4th
230T HEDCO Building
4:30 – 5:30PM

Jean Foss (B.S. Fine Arts, 2001) has been selected as the featured artists for the second installment of the Our Space initiative. The HEDCO College of Education building now features 15 art pieces from artist Jean Foss—an alumna of the UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts.

Jean moved to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2001 and is a Mexican citizen. Her art is inspired by the landscape and culture of Oaxaca—especially its vibrant colors, its plant diversity, and its strong pre-Hispanic roots infused into modern life. She lives in San Andrés Huayapam with her artist husband Chucho, their daughter Xochitl, 11 adopted dogs and two cats. In addition to painting, she plays viola and writes poetry and prose. All of Jean Foss’ artwork may be viewed at Our sincerest appreciation to Frank Stahl and Jette Foss, Jean’s parents, for loaning the art. Please see the information that follows this message for important student, faculty and staff resources.

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