General A&AA Scholarships are open now!

To all enrolled majors in the School of A&AA:

Once per year, the School of A&AA opens up an application for scholarships that are available for any enrolled student to apply. Those applications are now open! Click here to get to the application. Please note:

*The application will close on Saturday, February 6, 2016, at 11:59 pm. No extensions on this deadline will be offered!

*Allow yourself at least 60 – 90 minutes to complete the application.

*Two faculty recommendations are required; notify the faculty you want to recommend you ASAP! When you enter their names and emails into your application and submit, they will automatically be sent the form to fill out for you. But tell them now that it’s coming soon and make sure they agree to recommend you!

*Your application must include a link to your online work samples. “Work samples” can mean any representation of your best work that directly relates to your major. That could be your accepted thesis proposal; research paper abstract; images of art works; design samples; etc.  Specific guidelines and tips are in the application.

*These scholarships and the application are general A&AA scholarships and are separate from those offered by your major department or program! Your major department or program will open soon or has opened its own applications for scholarships that are specific to your major.

Use the link above to read over the entire application carefully. If you have any questions after you’ve read it, contact Cindy Lundeen in the A&AA Office of Development at

Good luck!

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