Who We Are

Research Data Management Services at the University of Oregon are provided through the cooperation of several different departments, with coordination through the Science Library. Given the increasing requirements by funding agencies that grant applications include a Data Management Plan (DMP) and that research data be made discoverable and accessible at the conclusion of grant-funded projects, we offer workshops, consultations, and other resources to assist with Data Management planning and implementation across research disciplines.

This blog contains news updates, tutorials, and other information to highlight new developments in the field of Data Management. Data Management (DM) is a topic that includes simple techniques (such as keeping files organized using naming conventions) to advanced techniques, which often seem more accessible once they’re explained. Any researcher or student can learn more about and apply DM principles to current projects, often in simple ways that can help later work.

Our main website contains information about services that we offer, as well as resources on best practices in Data Management. To contact us about arranging a workshop, scheduling a consultation, or suggesting or learning more about the resources that we offer, please see our Contacts page.

Header image is of the Veil Nebula Supernova Remnant, from NASA’s Hubblesite.

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