Interdisciplinary Computing and Open Science

The Science Libraries will be hosting two sessions by Microsoft Research on May 24, to explore “Interdisciplinary Computing and Open Science”. Sessions will be from 10:30 – noon, and 1:30 – 3 pm, in room B90. Please register for the session you plan to attend so we can plan for refreshments.

Presenters: Dan Fay and Yan Xu, Microsoft Research

Interdisciplinary computing is becoming a new paradigm in academic research and education. Via interdisciplinary computing, computer science innovations are stimulated by real-world data and computational challenges; natural and social sciences are advanced by applying the new computing technologies to the transformation of data to information and to knowledge. By collaborating with academic partners in many difference fields, Microsoft has been a strong player in interdisciplinary computing over the last decade. Please join us to learn about Microsoft Research (MSR), their vision and strategy in interdisciplinary computing, examples of collaborations between MSR and the academia, and demos of MSR innovative software.

This event is also meant for you to rub elbows with your colleagues in other disciplines and with the Microsoft Research visitors and exchange experiences and thoughts about interdisciplinary computing. Please come with your questions and contribute to creating a mind-swap experience for the event.

Microsoft Research staff members Dan Fay and Yan Xu will lead the sessions. Dan Fay is director of the Earth, Energy, and Environment sector at Microsoft Research. Yan Xu is responsible for research partnerships with academia, industry, and government related to data mining, high-performance computing, workflow automation, and data visualization for research in earth, energy, and the environment.

For more information, contact Brian Westra, Lorry I. Lokey Science Data Services Librarian, 541-346-2654 ,

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