DATES:   September 12-14, 2016

LOCATION:  University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon USA

BUILDING:  Erb Memorial Union (“EMU”), center of campus

CHAIR:  Ramesh Jasti, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

KEYNOTE:  Eiichi Nakamura, University of Tokyo

Sincere THANKS to all our speakers and attendees for helping to make CURO-pi II a big success!


Note – Dr. Gan spoke in place of K. Amsharov, who could not attend.


All scientists working on the chemistry and physics of curved pi-conjugated molecules (loosely defined) are welcome. The CURO-π symposium series was established very recently by Professors Shigeru Yamago, Graham Bodwell, and Hiroyuki Isobe. In October 2014, the first meeting in Kyoto, Japan drew some of the most prominent names in the field from around the world, with approximately 100 attendees.

       The goal of the series is to elucidate the fundamental principles of synthesis and properties of non-planar pi-rich compounds, and to extend the application of these molecular systems to wider areas of molecular science such as electronics and biology. Of this class of materials, C60 and carbon nanotubes are perhaps the most well-known. The field, however, is gaining greater momentum as more types of non-planar pi structures are being designed from the “bottom-up” with unique properties that are directly related to the “bending” of the pi architectures.

       I hope this symposium will help to foster the growth of this relatively new scientific community, as well as cultivate new connections and collaborations for its participants.

~ Ramesh Jasti

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Pi-System Figuration

Hosted by the University of Oregon, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry