“Processes, Resources, Collaboration: Considerations for Greening Public Art Programs” Revisited

by Betsy (Bostwick) Tanenbaum   It has been seven years since I contributed to CultureWork and nine since I completed my research, Going Green with Public Art. Revisiting my article, my initial reaction was that it was very “green” (not just environmentally), as some tips seem very common sense. Reflecting further, even ‘common sense’ is […]

Cultural Synthesizism Updated: Policy Initiatives and Shifts Related to the Arts and Cultural Nonprofit Sector in Colombia

by Susan Appe   Colombia’s nonprofit arts and cultural sector remains “diverse, immense, and brilliant” (Appe, 2007) and in the last almost 10 years, continues to be an economic driver and critical component to cultural dialogue and the building of a culture of peace in Colombia. In my 2007 article for CultureWork, I presented the […]

Creating Connection in Play: How the Portland Playhouse is Learning, Growing, and Adapting to Connect with Public Values

by Brian Weaver   When I first heard the Creating Connection research and recommendations, I was skeptical.  As Artistic Director of Portland Playhouse, a theater dedicated to featuring professional artists, I questioned, “What would it mean for professional artists if, as a field, we began saying, ‘Everyone is an artist?’  Would that make us less […]

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