Coming of Age: A Decade of Change in the American Arts Workforce

by Victoria Plettner-Saunders   I started writing and researching generational issues in the workforce around 2005 with my first article for CultureWork, “Boomers, XY’s and the Making of Generational Shift in Arts Management,” published 2006. Since then, there were three additional articles on this topic as well as a survey and researched recommendations for mid-career […]

The Intrinsic Side of the Arts Management Employment Interview

by Deborah K. Snider   In 1997, I investigated the extrinsic components of the arts management interview. These were largely outside the control of the applicant, but important to future success of the organization and its staff.   Now, with 17 years of university teaching of classes like Gallery & Museum Practices, Exhibitions & Visual Arts […]

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