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A RARE Opportunity for Oregon’s Watershed Councils

Does your watershed council have planning or capacity-building projects that have been put on hold because of a lack of staffing? Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) AmeriCorps Program might be your answer to getting those projects completed.

The RARE AmeriCorps Program offers the perfect opportunity for watershed councils across the state to bring a skilled graduate level participant to their organization.  The RARE Program is an AmeriCorps Program administered through the University of Oregon’s Community Service Center.  Unlike most AmeriCorps Programs, the RARE Program focuses its efforts on organizations who serve rural Oregon.

Since its founding 19 years ago, RARE AmeriCorps has made over 400 successful placements with community organizations across rural Oregon, and more than thirty of those have been with watershed councils.  In fact, the RARE AmeriCorps Program got its start in 1994 working with the McKenzie Watershed Council on a number of citizen involvement and water quality monitoring projects.

This year, the RARE AmeriCorps Program is working with Umatilla Basin Watershed Council (UBWC).   Joshua Allen, the RARE participant placed with the UBWC, is taking on the role as a liaison between UBWC and the general public.  Specifically, Mr. Allen is developing educational material for youth ages 12-18 relating to watershed function and fisheries, presenting such material to local classrooms, organizing field trips, and developing newsletters for education and outreach purposes to the community, etc.

To partner with the RARE AmeriCorps Program, each participating organization provides $20,000 of the $28,000 needed to place, train and support a full-time RARE participant.  In exchange, each organization receives a skilled RARE AmeriCorps participant 11 months (1,700 hours) of service.

Community pre-applications for a 2013-2014 placement are due by 5:00 PM, April 15, 2013.  Applications that demonstrate a clear need for a RARE AmeriCorps participant, a high probability of implementing successful projects, the ability to support a participant and a clear manageable work program are most likely to be invited to participate.  Not all organizations who submit a pre-application will be invited to submit a full application.

For more information about RARE, please visit our web site at:  http://csc.uoregon.edu/rare


Meet our RARE participants: Joshua Allen & City of Pendleton

Joshua Allen

Joshua received his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Planning from Humboldt State University.  After attaining his Bachelors Degree, Joshua found full time employment with the Trinity County Planning Department as an Assistant Planner.  While working for Trinity County he was able to secure and administer over two million dollars in grant funding to assist in the restoration of the Trinity River.  After a four year stint with Trinity County, Joshua enrolled at California State University, Chico, where he earned a Master Degree in Public Administration.  Following his year with the RARE Program, Joshua plans to apply to law school at either Lewis & Clark or the University of Oregon.

Placement:  City of Pendleton

Population: 16,784

Location: Pendleton

Sponsor:  Umatilla Basin Watershed Council

Supervisor:  Greg Silbernagel

County: Umatilla

 Eastern.   Natural Resources Planning.

 The Umatilla Basin Watershed Council (UBWC) was created in 1997 by the Umatilla County Board of Commissioners as a result of the development of the Umatilla Basin TMDL project.  Initial emphasis was directed at education and outreach, along with coordination of water quality monitoring based on water quality management plans developed during the TMDL process.  UBWC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  It covers 2,500 square miles. Its three main programs are Watershed Restoration, Education and Water Quality Monitoring.  The Council hosts monthly public Board meetings to inform Board Members and community of its activities.  The UBWC operates 90% off of grant funding with the other 10% contributed by Umatilla County.

The RARE participant placed with the Umatilla Basin Watershed Council will provide technical assistance, coordination and leadership, and act as a liaison between UBWC and the general public.  Specifically, the participant will develop educational material for youth ages 12-18 relating to watershed function and fisheries, present material to local classrooms, organize field trips, develop newsletters for education/outreach purposes to community, etc.  Additionally, the participant will support UBWC in their desire to further build the capacity of their organization.

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