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Meet Our RARE AmeriCorps Participant: Jeremy Goldsmith

Jeremy Goldsmith RARE Resource Assistance for Rural Environments

Jeremy Goldsmith received his Bachelor of Science degree in both Geography and Environmental Planning, and Recreation and Facility Management from Western Kentucky University. After attaining his Bachelor’s degree, Jeremy served with Peace Corps in Gambia, where he worked as an Environmental Volunteer on an array of public health, agricultural development, rural development, sustainable land use, and environmental education-related projects. Jeremy hopes to use his RARE AmeriCorps – Resource Assistance for Rural Environments experience to further define his professional goals and interests. Following his year with the RARE Program, Jeremy hopes to find work in the field of environmental planning, or in parks and recreation management.

Jeremy is placed with the City of Seaside, where he will primarily focus on working with Councilors, City Staff, and the public to design a visioning process that will satisfy the Council’s goals and expectations. Jeremy will also work with the City to strengthen local tsunami and earthquake preparedness activities via an array of education and outreach activities. Lastly, Jeremy will provide technical assistance, coordination and leadership, and act as a liaison between City staff and various stakeholders on development of a project implementation plan for Seaside’s Necanicum Estuary Natural History Park.

The City of Seaside has historically been one of the Oregon Coast’s most visited and popular oceanfront communities. The City of Seaside encompasses approximately 3.9 square miles of land and 0.2 square miles of surface water. A number of local facilities including, but not limited to, a convention center, parks, a public library, a water treatment plant, and a waste-water treatment plant are maintained by the City of Seaside. Incorporated in 1899, the City of Seaside is led by an elected Mayor, a City Manager and six City Councilors.

Organization: City of Seaside
Community: Seaside, Oregon
Population: 6,457
County: Clatsop


ready. . . set. . . SNOW!

Top Story on the News Tonight: Snow

Just about every community in the state of Oregon is hunkering down for snow, snow and even more snow. Levels range from 1 to 3 inches along the south coast to 7 to 10 inches in areas east of the Cascade Range. The National Weather Service says the cold weather will last through the weekend and transition to milder and wetter conditions (a.k.a. rain) by the middle of next week.  With that in mind, the Resource Assistance for Rural Environments-RARE AmeriCorps participants took a moment to share photos of their community’s first winter wonderland conditions before the rain washes it all away.

Resource Assistance for Rural Environments - University of OregonThe mission of the RARE Program is to increase the capacity of rural communities to improve their economic, social, and environmental conditions, through the assistance of trained graduate-level participants, from across the US.  These RARE AmeriCorps participants live in and serve 25 rural Oregon communities assisting in the development and implementation of projects for achieving a sustainable natural resource base and improving rural economic conditions. The markers on the map represents the 25 RARE placements throughout Oregon for 2013-14.

Special thank you to Andrew Barbier, Aubrey Erwin, Jeremy Goldsmith, Laura Goodrich, Maggie Hanna, Julie Havens, Katherine Hayes, Blake Helm, Gabby Pauling, Maddie Phillips, Rebecca and Jason Sergeant, Saira Siddiqui, and Titus Tomlinson for sharing their photos with us.