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Meet our RARE participants: Aniko Drlik-Muehleck & City of Pendleton

Aniko received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Grinnell College.  While in College, Aniko became aware of the importance of community development, subsequently becoming passionate about the theory and practice of bottom-up community development and environmental planning as it relates to global development. Building off of her interest, Aniko attained international development internships in Nicaragua and Ghana.  Following her year with the RARE Program, Aniko plans to attend graduate school.

Placement: City of Pendleton

 Population:  16,625

Location: Pendleton

Sponsor: City of Pendleton

Supervisor: Robb Corbett

County: Umatilla

Eastern.  City Planning

The City of Pendleton had its beginning in the early 1860’s when Moses Goodwin purchased land from a squatter for one span of horses.  In December of that year, Moses Goodwin and his wife deeded 2.5 acres of land to the county from which the original town was platted on December 18, 1868. The City of Pendleton, as a municipal corporation, has a proud history in terms of the service levels provided to our citizens. Today, the City of Pendleton provides many services to its residents including: police, recreation, fire & rescue, water, planning, and judicial.  Incorporated in 1880, the City of Pendleton is led by an elected Mayor, a City Manager and eight City Councilors.

The RARE participant placed with the City of Pendleton will work with City staff, the Horizon Project Inc. Round-Up City Development Corporation, Energy Trust of Oregon, etc. on housing rehabilitation and weatherization projects.

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