Thank all veterans for dedicated and loyal service to our country


The staff of the Community Service Center would like to thank all those who have served or are currently serving and protecting our country.  

Did you know? There are approximately 23.2 million military veterans in the United States.The brave men and women who serve and protect the U.S. come from all walks of life; they are parents, children and grandparents. They are friends, neighbors and coworkers, and an important part of our communities.

People often believe that Memorial Day and Veterans Day are celebrated for the same reason. There is however a subtle but important difference between the two. While both honor our military personnel, the former is a day to remember and pay respect to all the men and women that died serving our country in a war, while Veterans Day is to celebrate the soldiers who are still alive and served in the forces at anytime, during peace or war.

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Engaging the WHOLE community, Breaking Down Barriers to Involvement of Diverse Populations in our Public Process

ELGL-Emerging Local Government Leaders partnered with the City of Salem (OR), the Oregon chapter of the American Planning Association and the Chinook Institute to bring you a great learning opportunity. Join in watching the following video about how to get meaningful citizen input. “Breaking down barriers to involvement of diverse populations in our public process.”

We count on the community to be engaged and make meaningful input in our various public processes, yet we don’t always get the broad based involvement that could greatly help. We often miss the mark on attracting people from diverse elements of our community to participate and contribute.

Sit yourself down with a fresh cup of coffee and  click play to engage with Emmett Wheatfall, Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Clackamas County, as he tells about his experiences, shares his insights on what works and what doesn’t, and a  engages in a broad discussion with questions  and group sharing of experiences and ideas. At the conclusion, you will have the knowledge, understanding, and tools for creating a better engagement processes for the WHOLE community.

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