“Dream BIG, because the worst thing that could happen is a small dream comes true” ~ Orrin Woodward


I’m not sure if I can describe how happy I am to say goodbye to 2013. Not because it was awful, on the contrary. I am a sucker for a fresh start, clean slate and new beginnings. 2013 was a busy year and I think I did okay.

— I made donuts for the first time. I almost caught the kitchen on fire. My heart fluttered once or twice. I had a stellar Thai dinner. My daughter’s moved home. I completed 1 year of  employment at the Community Service Center.

− I killed my fair share of plants. I received surprise acts of kindness from people I admire. I focused on doing my own thing. I made some really great friends. I didn’t get sunburn. I stopped hiding from the camera.

− I was inspired. I did crafty projects. I grew huge green beans, tomatoes and dahlias. I sat in bed for days and felt miserable. I felt miserable for feeling miserable.

— I tried to take the high road. I talked to my sister late at night. I woke up early and had coffee with my mom. I missed my dad. I forgot to close my windows during a thunderstorm. I skidded down the driveway in snow.

— I got upset and stomped in anger. I hugged my grandson to make it all better. I wore out my favorite t-shirt. I had my own California adventure with my besties. I ate more cheese and drank more wine than is reasonable. I felt small, but in a good way.

— I splurged. I saved. I bought things I didn’t need. I got rid of a lot of stuff. I kept my house as clean as I could. I didn’t make my bed. I took naps on the lake. I was humbled.

— And most of all, I woke day after day and was grateful to have my family and my friends by my side.

I am really excited thinking about some of the things that are in store for this coming year. In the spirit of new beginnings, the Community Service Center (CSC) staff would like to share some of their optimism for the New Year.

“I will visit
every county
in Oregon
in 2014.”
→ Megan S.

“I would like to
have one
each month
at work and
read one
novel at home”
→ Bethany S.

“I resolve to get
more ski days
in than I
did last year.”
→ Bob P.

“Smile more”
→ Josh B.

“I will climb a
mountain in
2014. . .
even if it’s
just Mt. Pisgah;
I’d prefer
Mt. Thielsen.”
→ Julie F.

“I will run
1,000 miles
this year”
→ Michael H.

“I like where
Mr. Howard is
going with all
of this. So yea,
I will run
1 million miles
this year! Okay,
how about I
bike 3000 miles
instead. . . a
little more
for the non-
runner in me.”
→ Titus T.

Julie Havens Community Service Center University of Oregon

And myself:
to do things
that will make
my life better
& physically).


Here’s to new beginnings, new people, new adventures, and new memories. HAPPY sparkly, do-over, shiny, blank canvas, full of promise, hopeful, brand spankin’ NEW YEAR!

PS — feel free to share some of your 2013 moments and your hopes for 2014.

About the Author: Julie Havens is the office coordinator at University of Oregon’s Community Service Center, where she supports its four fabulous programs: Community Planning Workshop (CPW), Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE), Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience (OPDR), and Economic Development Administration University Center (EDAUC).