CRF_dogmountainI am a PhD candidate in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Oregon, working with Tyler Kendall in the Language Variation and Computation lab. My interests are sociolinguistics generally, and more specifically sociophonetics. Prior to my time at the University of Oregon, I received an MA in English from North Carolina State University.

The primary focus of my work is about sociophonetic variation in African American Language (AAL), specifically with word final stop variation. I collaborate with Mary Kohn frequently, using data from a landmark longitudinal study of AAL at the Frank Porter Graham Institute (FPG) in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Over the past several years, I have been developing the Corpus of Regional African American Language with Tyler Kendall. CORAAL is the first public corpus of AAL, and is comprised of several components from different regional locales. Using this corpus, Shelby Arnson and I are looking at sound change in Washington, D.C. vowels. Additionally, I am working on two projects: word final stop weakening in African American English in Memphis, TN, Durham, NC, and Washington D.C., and, with Tyler Kendall and Valerie Fridland, analyzing the spectral dynamics of the front vowels in the Southern Vowel Shift.