Knight Library Elevator #5 Shutdown 9/14-Unknown

Begin:  Monday, September 14, 2020

End:      Unknown

Building(s) or Area(s) Impacted: Knight Library Elevator #5

Scope: Knight Library elevator #5 (Special Collections elevator) is being taken offline because smoke is getting into SCUA through the elevator. Mechanical has applied visqueen to the openings so no particles get through.

Work Performed By: Otis & Facilities Services

Contact: Ken Straw, CPFM Mechanical and Plumbing Shop Manager, 541-346-5406

Smoke Odor in Campus Buildings – effective 9/8/20

Begin: Effective immediately –  Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

End: To Be Determined

Building or Area Impacted:  All UO Campus Buildings

Scope:  Smoke odor in buildings.  Stakeholders from CPFM Facilities Services, Design & Construction and Environmental Health & Safety met last evening to discuss the rapid decline of air quality in the Willamette Valley and the affect this change has on our campus facilities and the community they house.  Many of our facilities are required by code to maximize outside air intake (i.e. many of the science/research facilities, University Health, etc.) and we have aligned with COVID-19 recommendations from the CDC and the OHA (Oregon Health Authority) to maximized the amount of outside air in all campus building with HVAC systems that allow such adjustments.  Due to these requirements campus air handling/HVAC systems will not be adjusted at this time.

Services Impacted:  Buildings will experience nuisance odors.


  • Additional indoor air quality information can be found at
  • To report a non-emergency Indoor Air Quality issue, CLICK HERE! If your issue is urgent, please contact EHS at 541.346.3192.
  • Employees having questions or health concerns should consult with their supervisors for direction.