Sewage Odor Campus Notification

This notice has been sent to campus wide Facilities Liaisons please share with building occupants.

Campus Planning and Facilities Management and Environmental Health and Safety have been receiving reports regarding an intermittent sewage-like odor in buildings across campus today. The odor has also been identified outside and inside buildings. Based on the facilities affected and locations where the odor has been identified, we believe that the source is unlikely to be related to university buildings or systems. If the odor persists or if you have any concerns, please notify Environment Health and Safety through the web form at:

Thank You!

Environmental Health & Safety


Landscape Activities

Beginning July 10th, 2018 through July 27th, 2018 there will be trimming of shrubs and trees along the exterior of the building, including the bike cage and dumpster areas. There may be additional noise when work is in progress.

Painting & Power Washing Activities

The owners have contracted with Gary Pierce Painting to have the entire exterior of the building power washed and painted. Work is anticipated to begin on August 1, 2018, and be completed on or near August 31, 2018. Starting August 1st, Gary Pierce Painting will power wash the entire exterior building. Power washing will be completed in sections. After the power washing is completed, the painting will begin and also completed in sections. A lift will be on-site and used to complete this project.

Please note the following:

-There will be additional noise
-There may be odors
-Parking will be affected. Sections of parking in the row closest to the building will be blocked off  throughout the duration of this project.

Please use caution as you enter and exit the building. Also, please watch for equipment and folks that are working on this project.

Please report any water leaks from power washing immediately.

For questions or concerns please contact CPFM Real Estate Property Coordinator and Lease Management Melinda Seeley at 541-346-5550.

07/12 – 07/13: Notice: Pacific Hall South Wing Odor Advisory

Building Occupants,

Pacific Hall Occupants may experience a slight sulfur odor (rotten egg smell), late this afternoon, July 12 starting at 3:00 pm and all day tomorrow, July 13 through 7:00 pm. This odor is non-toxic and is not a sign of a gas leak.

The odor should be faint and is the result of a cleaning procedure being used in the large renovation project in the South wing of the building.

Contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Jenn Miley
Science and Research Manager
Design and Construction
Campus Planning and Facilities Management
(317) 956-0640 | (541) 346-1530

03/02/2017: Odor Test Friendly Hall

Building Occupants,

With the hope to identify a recurring odor crews will be performing an odor test in Friendly Hall on Thursday, March 2, 2017, from 8:00 am – 9:00 am.  This test will take place on the outside air intake on the NE corner of the building.  Building Occupants may notice a mild banana oil smell.  Zone A is working closely with Environmental Health and Safety with the hope to identify the legacy odor source.

For questions or concerns regarding this odor test, please contact Jim Cody Zone A  at 541-346-2302 or Adam Jones EH&S at 541-346-8397.