Streisinger Room 266 Mold Clean Up Notice

Belfor will be conducting a cleaning in Streisinger 266 tomorrow starting at 8:30 AM. We anticipate the work will take all day. Belfor will clean all surfaces with an approved disinfectant and an air scrubber. EHS will inspect and approve upon completion. We have had minimal time to plan and set this up, so we may have to make adjustments on the fly once we get started. Should Belfor need ventilation to complete the work, we’ll have to work with them to find a way to get that set up. Hopefully this will not be necessary.

After cleaning has been finished, EHS will treat the space with our ozone generator.  Ozone treatment will occur on Thursday evening and again on Friday evening. Room 266 will be off limits until Monday morning, with signage on the door barring entry.

Please contact me (Adam Jones 346-8397 if you have any questions.