Custodial Notification re: Cleaning of Laboratories

Recent shifts in the Custodial department’s responsibilities, in response to Covid19 and an abnormally high vacancy rate, has resulted in the Facilities Services Custodial group experiencing heavier workloads than normal. Due to these circumstances, Custodial Services will not be entering research lab spaces to sweep floors and empty trash.  Until this situation improves and future custodial service levels across campus are defined, please place your garbage receptacles and floor sweepings outside of your lab(s), preferably in the hallway, for our staff to attend to as part of our normal routes.

Facilities’ Custodial Services will continue to clean offices on a monthly basis and common spaces each day (restrooms, hallways, lobbies, stairways, scheduled teaching spaces, high-touch surfaces, etc.).

If you have an urgent issue, please contact the Work Control Center.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Campus custodial cleaning due to recent smoke particulate 9/25 – 9/27

Facilities Liaisons,

As a result of the recent smoke particulate event, Facilities Services will be cleaning all office and workspace horizontal surfaces in all general funded buildings this coming weekend, September 25-27.  Crews will follow UO Safety & Risk Services recommended safety guidelines requiring wet mops/wipes and HEPA equipped vacuums to be used in all cases. Cleaning guidelines prohibit dust spreading devices such as dry dusters, brooms, or non-HEPA equipped vacuums.

Providing safe and clean workspaces for our campus community is a priority. To provide this service most efficiently and effectively requires a well-orchestrated and highly coordinated 1,000-hour effort to be concluded by Sunday evening.

Occupants can aid in this effort by:

  • Removing items from horizontal surfaces needing cleaned. To reduce the chance of damage/loss, Facilities crews will not move or clean individual items.  Surfaces not cleared will not be cleaned.
  • Requesting a space NOT BE CLEANED by placing a note on the door clearly stating you would like that space skipped.

All requests received after this campus-wide effort is complete will require an index and need to be scheduled.  Please contact CPFM Work Control Center with questions or concerns.

Tykeson Hall Waste/Recycling Room Opens August 19

The new waste and recycling room in Tykeson Hall opens Monday, August 19. This site will be the centralized location for all waste, cardboard, and recycling material generated from building occupants in Tykeson Hall, Chapman Hall, Fenton Hall, Johnson Hall, and Collier House. This room is located on the southeast side of Tykeson (see map below).

Occupants of these five buildings will need card access to enter this room for disposing waste and recycling material. To request access, authorized department requestors are asked to send a spreadsheet with all employee information from their department to Attaining card access is imperative because this room will be locked 24/7 to deter unauthorized individuals from accessing the site.

Waste and cardboard dumpsters temporarily located in front of Johnson Hall on 13th Avenue will remain until Friday, September 13, and will be removed on Monday, September 16.

Please contact Donny Addison with any questions or concerns at 541-346-0961 or


Changes in Trash Collection Starting 8/1

Dear University of Oregon faculty and staff,

As a result of this year’s budget reductions, Campus Planning and Facilities Management has made some changes in the services we provide to campus.

After careful analysis and consideration, starting Aug. 1, custodians will vacuum, sweep and collect trash from offices once a month instead of once a week.

If your office garbage cans require emptying more frequently either because they are full or contain food or organic material, please place them in the hall next to your door, where custodians will empty them. To reduce unpleasant odors and avoid attracting pests, please keep this option in mind.

As always, if there is an acute issue in your office that needs attention, please call CPFM Work Control Center or visit our website to place a service request.

Contact: Work Control Center 541-346-2319

Reduction in Service for Custodial Spring Training 3/26

Facilities Liaisons,

On March 26, 2019, many of our custodians will be participating in an off-campus training activity. As a result, there will be a reduction in service to all of the buildings cleaned by CPFM Custodial Services on that day. We anticipate that the cleaning needs in the building will be reduced during this time because of spring break; however, support will be available to respond if there is an urgent custodial need.

If you have concerns, please contact CPFM Work Control at or call 541-346-2319. You can also submit requests online at

Thank you for your patience and support of this vital employee development opportunity.

Tim Winder
Interim Custodial Services Manager
CPFM | University of Oregon