Seasonal Building Steam Management Fall 2020

Buildings or Areas Impacted:

  • Agate Hall (gym/auditorium)
  • Cascade Annex
  • Collier House
  • Columbia Hall (Room 154)
  • Condon
  • Esslinger
  • Fine Arts Studios
  • Friendly
  • Gerlinger
  • Hendricks
  • Huestis (heat exchanger HEX-3 only for fin tube radiators)
  • Lawrence (primary studios)
  • Lokey Education (East and West)
  • Mac Court (radiators only)
  • Millrace Woodshop
  • Music (radiators only)
  • Onyx Bridge (072/090, 169/170)
  • Susan Campbell
  • University Hall
  • Villard
  • Volcanology

Scope:  Starting the week of October 19th the Mechanical shop will start turning on the steam to campus buildings. This process can take several days depending on how many problems may arise from the process.

Services Impacted:  Potential noise coming from the pipe and radiators as the steam is turned on and warms up the system.

Special Instructions:  If you discover any radiator leaks or persistent noise, please notify CPFM Work Control at 541-346-2319 or

Additional Notes:  Turning on and off the steam is very hard on the infrastructure serving our building’s mechanical systems.  Seasonal adjustments are based on the following format:

Steam is turned on in the Fall when:

  • Night-time outside air temperature is below 50 degrees for five consecutive nights
  • AND daytime temperatures are below 70 degrees for five consecutive days

Steam is turned off in the Spring when:

  • Night-time outside air temperatures are above 50 degrees for five consecutive nights
  • AND the daytime temperature is above 70 degrees for five consecutive days

Work Performed By:   Campus Planning and Facilities Management Facilities Services

ContactKen Straw, CPFM Mechanical and Plumbing Shop Manager, 541-346-5406