Allen Hall Water Intrusion 5/9/20

This email is intended to provide information regarding the water intrusion event in Allen Hall on 5-9-2020. Specific areas impacted, mitigation planning, an overview of the process, and insurance process guidelines are included below.

The cause of the water intrusion is related to a piece of HVAC equipment above the ceiling at the South end of H301. The specific cause has yet to be determined, but the unit has been turned off and the leak has been halted.

Areas impacted include rooms H301, 302, H318, 319, 319A, & 221. The areas will be contained and dried over the coming days. Access may be challenging during this time. We anticipate mitigation set up to begin on Monday 5-11-2020 in the afternoon. Minimal amounts of impacts to building finishes will be conducted, and noisy equipment will be used for days to dry affected materials. It is imperative that the equipment is left alone to run uninterrupted to promulgate drying.

The mitigation process is tasked with drying all affected materials with the ultimate goal of limiting demolition and preventing mold growth. The mitigation process is managed by Environmental Health & Safety.

The reconstruction process is tasked with returning the space to finished and operational status. The reconstruction process is managed by CPFM.

Both mitigation and reconstruction are conducted by University staff whenever possible to save money and reduce complications associated with the work. Outside contractors are used when mitigation or reconstruction scopes exceed our available staff or equipment resources.

Individual departments are responsible for inventorying damaged non-building related items, such as computers, office furnishings, lab equipment, etc. The Office of Risk Management within Safety & Risk Services is available to provide guidance, inventory forms, and other information on the insurance process associated with these claims. This information can be found at