Hendricks Hall Drinking Water Notification Update 9/12/19

In August of 2019, CPFM installed filters on all of the drinking fountains in Hendricks Hall.  EHS collected confirmation samples on August 26, 2019, and results were received yesterday.  Results show that the issues have been successfully mitigated.  The water from the drinking fountains is now safe to drink and the fixtures have been returned to service.  See the table below for the initial lead results and the confirmation results after filters were installed.

Room Number, Name Fixture Type Initial Result (PPB) Confirmation Result (PPB)
L119 – First floor lobby Drinking fountain 4.56 2.06
L119 – First floor lobby Bottle fill station 4.29 4.41
L219 – Second floor lobby Drinking fountain 27.1 4.29
L319 – Third floor lobby Drinking fountain 56.7 2.47

Iron content has also shown significant reduction, dropping from 1,610 ppb to 69.4 ppb.  Iron is a by-product of water sitting in the plumbing during periods of low building use and is considered a secondary contaminant by the EPA.  That is, it affects taste and appearance of the water as opposed to the health of building users.  Please note that discoloration may return during periods of low use and can be cured by flushing several gallons of water through the fixture.

Additional information on the University’s Drinking Water Monitoring program and a link to results posted online can be found at https://safety.uoregon.edu/drinking-water-monitoring.